How to Compete with the Larger Industry Leaders

Small businesses often struggle in the shadow of the much larger brands in their industry. It can be hard to compete with these much larger companies when they have the reputation, resources, and budget to dominate in the industry, but there are ways in which you can level the playing field and compete. Additionally, small businesses actually hold a few benefits over much larger companies that they can use to their advantage. If you are fed up with losing out to the competition, here are a few strategies that should help you to start competing at a high level.

Improve Your Customer Service

One area in which a small business can excel over much larger brands is customer service. When you deal with a bigger company, you often have to wait a long time, speak to various different people and repeat yourself which can be a source of frustration. As a smaller company, you can provide much more dedicated and personalized support and help to reach solutions much faster, which will help you to develop a positive reputation.

Adjust Pricing Strategy

Adjusting your pricing strategy can be a highly effective way to lure customers away from the much larger companies, but it is important that you do the math and make sure that it is a viable option. Customer loyalty only goes so far, so if you can provide a high-quality product/service at a more affordable price, you should soon start to compete with the bigger brands.

Digital Marketing

You can never expect to compete with the biggest brands if you do not have a strong online presence. You need to appear as close to the number one spot in the search engines as possible and build a strong online presence on social media. You can get help with these marketing techniques by contacting an online marketing agency like When you are highly visible online, you will not only receive more traffic to your site but you will also be portrayed as a key player in your industry.

Show Your Expertise

Consumers like to feel that they are in safe hands when making any kind of purchase. If you are able to convey that you are an expert in the field, then you might find that you can attract new customers, particularly if you start to develop a positive reputation. The best way to show your expertise to your target audience is to create content and share this online, including on social media. Your content should be helpful and relevant, so you may want to consider tutorials, how-to guides, product demos, and industry news updates.

It is hard for small brands to compete, but there are options available to them. In addition to the above, you will also find that some consumers prefer to support smaller, local businesses so don’t be afraid to advertise that this is what you are and take pride in it.  We hope this advice will help you to succeed.