E-commerce is definitely evolving, you can practically acquire everything from the e-stores; now even your cable and internet service, thanks to the collaboration of Comcast and Amazon.

Comcast NBCUniversal has begun selling bundles of its services through the online retailer, the company announced on Monday, that is March 21. The deal between the cable giant and the e-commerce behemoth aims to make it easier to shop for its US cable, the internet, and phone packages online. This is definitely refreshing as in the age where custom, “skinny” bundles and direct-to-consumer streaming platforms are muddling the buying experience.

Through the new “Amazon Cable Store,” shoppers can mix and match one- and two-year subscriptions of select Comcast cable, TV, and phone offerings, or buy them individually and the rates are similar to what you will get at the official website. Though the change that takes place there, is the fact that you can complete the entire process with fewer clicks and with a more pleasant interface. Users can also complete credit checks and schedule installations through Amazon.

Along with the change in the experience, customers who shop through the platform get access to a dedicated customer-service team, which is supposed to answer calls in a minute or less. This will actually be a change for the users as, presently, Comcast is known for apocalyptically awful customer service.

For making the whole procedure a success, Comcast hired 90 new universal technicians who will specifically help Amazon customers with any problems related to their Comcast subscriptions. All the technicians are specially assigned to assist with every possible issue; from billing, to sales,X to technical issues, so there is no need for customers to be transferred from department to department. Currently, such comfort is available only with several customer services like accessibility support team, which assists disabled customers.