Sling TV is now part of the Comcast X1 entertainment platform as a bundle option, Image Source: Tech Spot

A joint public announcement released yesterday by American television provider Sling TV and the Comcast media corporation revealed that the latter would start including a Sling network bundle for customers of its X1 platform, giving them access to lots of multicultural content.

Sling TV is a live and on-demand TV service that provides over-the-top television services, meaning that they offer users their content directly through the internet without being under direct control by a cable operator. Famous examples of this type of programming include Hulu and Netflix.

The addition of Sling TV to the Comcast Media roster will increase the number of channels available for diverse audiences and language groups, including Arabic, Chinese, Urdu, and more. Sling also offers a broad range of English-speaking general market entertainment options.

Comcast and Netflix announce partnership. Image credit: Comcast.
Comcast and Netflix announce the partnership. Image credit: Comcast.

The Sling package will have the same price it currently holds on other platforms

The Sling TV bundle will reportedly start at $10 per month and will offer availability for all of Sling’s current packages like World News Extra and Broadcast Extra, which offer a variety of foreign news and entertainment channels.

The company also gives users the ability to customize their television experience by customizing their package with specific add-ons related to a particular language or genre.

The Sling package list currently offers entertainment from a broad number of countries including Brazil, the Caribbean region, Poland, Germany, India, Pakistan, France, and Latin America. It contains more than 280 channels in 20 different languages.

Sling TV offers all ESPN channels. Image Source: Consumerist
Sling TV offers all ESPN channels. Image Source: Consumerist

This media partnership means a huge step towards more inclusive programming

“Our customers are becoming increasingly diverse,” said Javier García, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Multicultural Services at Comcast. “This is a fantastic opportunity to quickly deliver even more customized and multicultural programming to them, on an X1 platform that’s smart, fast and easy-to-use.”

Multicultural consumers currently increase by 2.3 million per year in the United States, making them the fastest growing segment of the country’s population. Census statistics predict that diverse communities could become the majority by 2044.

Sling TV and Comcast Cable

The Comcast Corporation is currently one of the largest media providers in the United States, providing television, high-speed internet, and phone services to customers nationwide under the XFINITY brand.

Sling TV is a subsidiary of the Dish Network, an American satellite provider similar to DirecTV. They unveiled it as a Netflix competitor in 2015 and later started offering it to other media providers. Sling TV currently offers compatibility with most devices, being famous also for its Spanish-only programming packages and other international perks.

Source: Business Wire