The famed mobile gameClash of Clans will have several of its upgrade costs and times cut down, with the introduction of a significant new feature. Image Source: WallPaper Made

One of the world’s top mobile game is about to get even bigger. The developers at Supercell have been hinting at a massive update for the freemium gameClash of Clans.’ The update for iOS and Android devices will add exciting changes to the free hit when it rolls out in the next few days.

The news of the game’s revamping come at a critical point in its life cycle. ‘Clash of Clans’ is currently in its fourth year live on the App Store and its third on the Google Play Store. While it has garnered a significant following on both platforms throughout the years, the craze is starting to fade away.

The Supercell team wants to bring back some momentum to the mobile game with an update that is attractive to old and new players alike. The October update is precisely that, bringing a breath of fresh air to the battle mechanics and in-game progress of ‘Clash of Clans.’

What’s new in the October update for ‘Clash of Clans’?

While arguably there is not much to add to ‘Clash of Clans’ without turning it into a different game, Supercell has managed to bring exciting new features to the free mobile title.

First off, ‘Clash of Clans’ will see the addition of a new building. The Bomb Tower will be available to players with Town Halls on level 8 or higher, and it will be upgradable up to level 5. Besides this, max level (11) Town Halls will get an extra 25 wall pieces when the October update rolls out.

Secondly, Supercell will include new troop and defense levels on top of the already existing ones. Dragon, Baby Dragon, and Wizard troops will come along with X-Bow, Mortar, and Hidden Tesla defense levels to ‘Clash of Clans.’

Furthermore, the freemium game will have several of its upgrade costs and times cut down, with the introduction of a significant new feature. Quick Train allows players to set up and train new armies in just minutes, and the regular Army Training screen will now support simultaneous training of two armies.

Last but not least, ‘Clash of Clans’ players can now challenge other clans to a Friendly War. Friendly Wars support matches of 5v5 up to 50v50 and work in the same way as usual battles work. Following the preparation day, the battle day has clans clashing against each other for periods as reduced as one hour.

When will the ‘Clash of Clans’ update be available?

Although the official game site announced the update going live on October 8, this is obviously not the case. Excited fans have been waiting for the rollout ever since learning about the new features coming to the game.

The announcement on the Clash of Clans’ official website came along with a post on the developers’ official forum as well. An impatient player asked when the update would arrive, and a Supercell Staff member replied that it would come “in the next couple of days hopefully.”

Some have pinpointed the date of the rollout on October 14, but it could be any time now. Players just have to wait patiently and stay alert with the pending updates of their devices.

Source: Supercell