Cirque du Soleil O poster
Cirque du Soleil O poster. Image: Bellagio.

Circle du Soleil’s O is a water-themed stage production and is a permanent presentation at the Bellagio – Las Vegas. The show started in 1998, and the name, Circle du Soleil’s “O,” stands for water (Eau).  It takes place in a 1,5 million water gallons pool twice a night, six days a week at a theater that has 1,800 seats.

Bellagio’s pool is one of the most famous attractions in Vegas. The stage uses Mondo flooring. O’s platform displays four different stages, and there are lifts under every stage.  The show features acrobats hanging from aerial hoops, swinging metal frames, giant carousel horses, acrobatic divers, and clowns in a staggering presentation.

Circus du Soleil’s takes pride in its security.

The backstage is as important as the show itself. With almost 20 years of experience, the show focuses on the security of the performers. There are different alarms to signal the stage’s movement, to indicate the divers when to leave the pool, and more.

The Circus uses 75 performers and 122 technicians per show. Every crew member except the wardrobe team is a certified scuba diver. The security personnel is far from the audience’s line of sight. There are security techs hanging over 110 feet from the ground. They set the ladders and wires for the acrobats to perform safely.

As for the pool, the security is also tight. During the show, fourteen helpers remain in the pool. The remaining divers wait in the backstage for their signals. They can be instructed to enter the stage or to leave it.

Some of these them go underwater for up to 90 seconds. The Circus installed a series of air hoses underwater for the divers to breath and maintain the illusion. The bottom of the pool also features underwater speakers playing the same music as above to help them keep the rhythm.

Technology plays an important role during the whole presentation.

The Lightning booth controls the show with two automated consoles. The booth also has cameras placed all around the set. Everything from the amazing mechanical carousel that supports the aerial acrobats above the stage, the lighting cues,  and the piano that sinks below the water at the end of the show can be controlled from the booth. The booth can also control what’s going on the backstage.
Source: CNET