Young Millennial Meditating

There is a lot of bad press out there when it comes to millennials, with many older writers assuming this generation simply likes to complain more than they ever did. However, what fails to be understood when looking at the life of millennials like yourself is that life is much more difficult than it was twenty to thirty years ago, as the changing landscape of work life and the property market, to only name two, has never been so bad.

When you are confronted with all of this stress, it can be easy for your health to have to take a back seat, but it shouldn’t have to come to this. This guide is going to help you better understand why your health is taking a hit and what you can do about it.

Millennial burnout: Know what you’re going through

To begin with, if you have not heard of the phrase before, then you need to know what the definition of millennial burnout is and what the symptoms are. Essentially, millennial burnout is a specific type of mental tiredness that disproportionately affects the millennial generation due to the standard of living you have. Some of the symptoms can include:

  • Feeling the urge to check and reply to emails constantly, even when you are not officially at work.
  • Feeling a sense of shame when you are not working, even if the day has ended or you have the day off because productivity has become an all-consuming goal.
  • Extremely bad sleeping patterns.
  • You have internalized the social pressure to be successful and are not setting yourself manageable goals.

If you find that you have any of these, then you need to take a deep breath and start doing something about it.

Take some time away from your desk

When productivity is at the heart of your life, doing something like going on a holiday can feel like a task rather than a joy, but being away from your desk for a number of days will give you mind the chance to properly recharge and be ready when you go back. A good idea is to get a private jet charter to Toronto, so that you have a peaceful journey, before relaxing in your hotel with some spa treatments and nice food.

Little changes that make all the difference

In between going on a holiday, there are ten small steps for better overall health that you can begin doing right now to improve your lot.

Something as simple as drinking extra water every day can improve your brain functionality, help you sleep better, and clear up your skin. Additionally, having the rule to stay away from laptop and phone screens an hour before you want to go to bed is essential to helping you get your eight hours a night and feel refreshed in the morning. Try swapping out your chocolate snack for a small fruit salad to give you more energy throughout the day.