Cannabis for Women’s Health

Women smoke cannabis too, apparently. Sometimes, they smoke even more than men. But it’s not just for recreational purposes. Instead, women prefer smoking cannabis for the health benefits they receive. They use it during their menstruation to lower the pain, calm themselves up, and avoid having to deal with all the stress. Cannabis is known for its anti-anxiety and anti-stress effects, so this fits like a glove. Women even use cannabis as wellness supplements.

Moreover, a large part of stay-at-home mothers uses cannabis to enhance their sexual experiences and for self-care. Taking care of children is a tough job these days, and one needs cannabis to lighten the pressure. But let’s take things one at a time. We mentioned that women use cannabis when during the menstruating period, to lower the pains and stress.

Many women have complained about the ineffectiveness of pain-relief medication like Midol. Ever since the legalization of cannabis and even before that, women have been using cannabis for the cramps and menstruating pains, instead. One-stop cannabis shops have plenty of THC and CBD-based products, including lotions, soaps, and even tampons for those of you in need of some. Buy cannabis here.

Not only this but women also use cannabis during menopause, to lower the symptoms. Women on menopause often have insomnia, and what’s a good remedy for insomnia? Indica-dominant cannabis strains, of course! CBD strains, in particular, provide strong sedative effects and promote healthy sleep patterns. Studies are showing how cannabis effectively treats insomnia.

Is cannabis good for pregnant women, as well?

Recent research shows an interesting fact – many pregnant women use cannabis to decrease the intensity of pregnancy symptoms. Most often, pregnant often report nausea, fatigue, vomiting, and other undesirable side-effects. This use of cannabis by pregnant women is likely due to the fact that typical medication has too many side-effects. They might even affect the health of the newborn baby. Cannabis hasn’t been shown to have as many side-effects and is nowhere as dangerous as prescription medication.

Speaking of pregnancy, women also use cannabis to spice up their sexual life. New mothers are among the most avid users of cannabis as a natural enhancer of sexual stimulation. It makes sense, knowing about the strong aphrodisiac effects of cannabis, as even science has shown. People might say that cannabis inhibits sexual performance or motivation but it’s quite the opposite. Biologically speaking, cannabis can enhance libido performance and sexual desire in men and women. Women who consume cannabis have more frequent sex than those who don’t, as well.

Cannabis for anorexia, anxiety, and depression

When it comes to women, anxiety, and depression linked to anorexia are nothing uncommon. One of the most common symptoms of anorexia is an intentional or unintentional eating disorder. The munchies are just not there, or you successfully bypass them. However, cannabis is known for its munchies effect. You won’t be able to overcome the pangs of hunger anymore. In fact, a few states even prescribe cannabis legally for eating disorders.

Besides the scant scientific evidence, there’s plenty of anecdotic evidence to back up cannabis’ benefits. The chemical and biological underpinnings are clear enough – THC activates the CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. In turn, these receptors enhance the senses, including taste and smell, which makes it hard to endure hunger. Anorexia has nothing on cannabis, apparently.

As for the attached anxiety and depression, women are still in the most dangerous position, with or without anorexia. We all know that cannabis is great for treating anxiety and depression, both in men and women. Women are much likelier to develop anxiety and depression disorders, even at younger ages than men. However, taking a hit of your favorite cannabis strain will relax and lighten your psychological pressure. Combine it with other holistic remedies and you’ll treat your anxiety and depression easily!

Last but not least, women consume cannabis not because they need it but rather that they like it. Just like men, women enjoy smoking cannabis, relaxing, getting high, and getting couch-locked by stronger strains. Not only is cannabis healthier than other unwinding methods, but it also produces more enjoyable effects. Getting high has always been a nice experience, especially for people looking for more adrenaline-based experiences.

Of course, not everyone should use cannabis, and not everyone has the right disposition to use cannabis. It has side-effects that not everyone might enjoy. The most important one is getting high. However, if you want to use it for medicinal purposes, you should talk to your medical advisor first!