Cadillac reveals the Escala Engine, specs, design and video
Cadillac's Escala concept car debuted at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Image from YouTube.

Cadillac presented its new concept car on Thursday. The new Escala Concept by Cadillac was described as the evolution of Cadillac’s design and the technology developed by the automaker. The Escala is the new signature sedan by Cadillac, and it joins the recently unveiled 2016 Cadillac CT6.

Andrew Smith, executive director of Cadillac global design, described the concept as a new American experience from Cadillac. Smith commanded Cadillac’s designers to create a car that is exciting for both the driver and the passengers. On the inside, the Escala features a more modern front, while the backside is dedicated to relaxation.

“This concept shares how Cadillac will bring forward a new experience that is uniquely American, and unmistakably Cadillac…On the interior, we pushed further. It’s about precision and ingenuity in craftsmanship, and the artistic integration of technology,” said Andrew Smith, executive director of Cadillac Global Design.

Cadillac is working on a new engine 

The company equipped the Escala with a new 4.2-liter twin turbo V8 engine. The motor is a new prototype Cadillac is still working on, and the engineers expect it becomes the new standard for future cars.

The new V8 is eco-friendly. It has a fuel management option users can activate at will. The engine runs with four cylinders, and the company claims it has the best milage-fuel consumption relationship in the market.

Specs and design

The Escala features a new and more futuristic style. The company included a new expression of its brand signature vertical lighting. The Escala’s lighting system will work on Organic light emitting diodes (OLED). The front of the cabin also presents an array of three curved OLED screens. These displays work as the traditional driving gauges.

The inside on the new Cadillac’s flagship is astounding. The Escala features a central control module that allows the driver to use different functions through tactile, voice, and gesture commands. 

The interior’s decoration is entirely handmade. Cadillac’s car uses broadly hand-tailored fabric on the door trim and seating areas.

Escala is an intelligent car 

The Concept car focuses on delivering the best driving experience. That was Cadillac’s reasoning to develop the new instrument panel along with the exquisite interior finishes. The new gauges will also give more information than usual to the driver.

The Escala will be much more useful than a regular vehicle.  Cadillac’s concept car can offer its owner information regarding calendar entries, field phone calls, information about passengers and in-car data connections, as well as the traditional information provided by any front panel.

Retailers will allow users to customize their Escala to fit their specific needs, so the new Cadillac is going to have a lot of versions.

The Escala is on a show publicly for the first time this Weekend. It will be presented at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, California.

Source: Cadillac