A heated battle is raging online over the placement of cheese on a cheeseburger. Even Google's CEO has had to step in to avoid further bloodshed. Image: Compfight

On Monday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai weighed in on the controversy surrounding the different designs of the cheeseburger emoji, saying the company would ‘drop everything’ to right their wrongs. On Google’s design, the cheese on the burger is shown at the bottom, under the patty.

People have been passionately arguing about the position of cheese on a burger since writer and media analyst Thomas Baekdal started the debate on Twitter over the weekend. He contrasted how Apple places cheese on top while Google’s appears underneath.

Almost everyone has voiced their opinion about their cheese placement preferences on social media, and the subject has been taken by others as a diversion from more pressing issues like the state of politics in America and other important matters around the world.

Cheese on top seems to be the general consensus

Google’s ingredient arrangement for their proprietary cheeseburger goes as follows, top to bottom: bun, cheese, patty, tomato, lettuce, and bun. To the internet community, there is something fundamentally wrong about depicting cheese underneath the patty.

Apple’s formula, on the other hand, is closer to the real deal: bun, lettuce, patty, cheese, tomato, and bun. The cheese is right here, but as some commenters said, the vegetable assortment still doesn’t nail it.

Among all this cheeseburger madness, an unlikely tech giant seemed to have gotten it right all along: Microsoft. Not only they placed the cheese on top of the patty, but they also put tomato first and then lettuce to top it all off. Of course, not many people had a way to find out given the imminent death of Windows Phone.

Experts weigh in on cheeseburger architecture

The Facebook team swooped in soon after Google’s CEO replied to the original tweet, saying they had had it right all along too both on the social media site and on Messenger. However, there was some sportsmanship in the comments addressing the lack of sesame seeds on the Messenger version of the emoji.

Meanwhile, Google’s own VR division also offered their two cents with a 3D render of a cheeseburger. Although it got the cheese on top right, they added fuel to the fire by misplacing tomato on top of lettuce in their model.

Jeremy Burge, head of Emojipedia and part of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee (yes, that’s a real thing) said on one of the replies that it was “good to see this progress,” since he had talked with “at least one major vendor” in the past about their ingredient arrangements on the cheeseburger emoji.

As of this writing, Google has made no changes to its version of the controversial emoji. Others have sharply noted that the company might have more than one problem with its emoji design. You be the judge.

Source: Twitter