Boosted Boards' latest generation electric skateboard could be facing a massive recall over safety hazard with the board's battery. Image Source: YouTube

Boosted Boards has asked users of its latest-generation of electric skateboards to stop using them this Wednesday, citing concerns over the device’s battery posing a potential safety hazard. The company has had two isolated incidents in the past and urged all skaters to stop using the boards.

The company’s urgent request comes at a time when the tech industry seems more and more wary of battery malfunctions. Most recently, the infamous case of Samsung and its Galaxy Note 7 handsets forced the company to recall all devices worldwide and stomach billionaire losses.

Boosted Boards has yet to issue an official recall of its electric longboards, but the company did state that it would be stopping the shipment of more 2nd gen boards until the investigations of the battery malfunction concluded.

What is a Boosted Board?

Boosted Board is a company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of an electric longboard of the same name. The flagship Boosted Board is currently in its 2nd generation, and it launched just last September.

The board itself measures 38 inches long and it weighs between 13 to 15 and a half lbs depending on the motor configuration: single, dual, or dual+. The standard model offers 1000w of power, while the other two options include an extra 500w each.

The Boosted Board is capable of reaching speeds of 20 miles per hour or more, and rolling for 12 miles on a single charge. The lithium battery on the board supports a specialized Battery Management System (BMS) and fast charging that gives it one mile of range per every 10 minutes of charge.

Users control the electric longboard through a remote control that connects with the Boosted Board via Bluetooth. Image Source: Change
Users control the electric longboard through a remote control that connects with the Boosted Board via Bluetooth. Image Source: Change

The urban transportation device also supports performance tracking through iPhone and Apple Watch applications.

What is the battery issue on the Boosted Board?

“On two separate occasions, the lithium battery cell has vented inside the battery pack of the 2nd generation Boosted Board. The battery enclosure is a fire-retardant composite and worked as designed to contain the cell failure,” wrote CEO Sanjay Dastoor in a blog post.

What this means, essentially, is that the recently released Boosted Boards are prone to presenting battery malfunctions. More worrisome, they could even catch on fire or explode if they heat up too much.

The company has urged users of the board to contact them immediately at the 650-933-5151 number if anything happens. A new Boosted Board costs $999, but the company has not stated if they plan to issue any refunds, replacements, or recalls over the battery issue.

Source: Boosted Board