BMW's recall to fix the fuel tank problem starts in December
BMW's recall to fix the fuel tank problem starts in December. Wallpapercave.

German carmaker BMW will recall 154,472 vehicles in the U. S. and Canada due to an engine stalling issue caused by apparent fuel leaks, according to a document filed on Friday by the U. S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

American cars and crossovers flagged for the recall amount 138,188, or about 89% of the total number. The rest of the vehicles (16,284) come from Canada.

The process officially starts on December 5. Drivers must bring their carsĀ back to BMW dealerships for a complete fuel delivery module replacement. The repair is free of charge.

This instance marks the third recall for BMW. The company has already undergone through this process before in the U. S., China, Japan, and South Korea for this very issue. Neither the American nor the German branch of BMW has come forward to make any comments.

What is causing the fuel tank problem?

Documents provided by the NHTSA state the fuel problem stems from the ground wire or active pin contacts found in the fuel pump’s connector. These cables, in some cases, might not be adequately compressed, which causes an increase in electric contact resistance.

This resistance generates more heating than expected whenever the connector is working, which could cause the plastic around the pins to melt, causing damage to the fuel tank.

One of BMW’s affected fuel tanks. Image credit: BimmerFile.

That occurrence, in turn, might produce fuel leaks that could create fires or cause the engine to stall. Eventually, this flaw could render the fuel pump inoperative.

According to the NHTSA, BMW analysts first spotted the problem in 2011 because of customer complaints regarding a strong smell of fuel while driving and have been trying to fix it ever since.

Fortunately, the company claims BMW has not received any reports of accidents or injuries caused by this particular issue.

Which models are affected by the fuel pump problem?

The following list comes from a letter issued by the NHTSA on Thursday, October 27.

  • 528i-535i 2011-2012
  • 535i ACTIVEHYBRID 2012
  • 550i 2011-2012
  • 640i-650i 2012
  • X5 2007-2011
  • X6 2008-2011
  • X6 ACTIVEHYBRID SAC 2010-2011
  • 5-SERIES Gran Turismo 2010-2011

For more information on this recall, drivers can call BMW’s Customer Service atĀ 1-800-831-1117.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration