Snapchat will allow users to express themselves with custom made comic-like avatars with its latest update. Image Credit; Sugar Scape

Snapchat will allow users to express themselves with custom made comic-like avatars with its latest update. As reported last March, the New York tech company has added Bitstrip’s emoji maker to its variety of features.

For a sum of $100 million, Bitmoji is now the new tool to fit happily into their new daddy’s playful nature. Through this app, users can create personalized, cartoony versions of themselves to later send them in chat or insert them in pictures. Once is linked to a Snapchat account, these Bitmojis can be used to look like a Dora the Explorer character in the Snaps.

How does it work?

You should first update Snapchat and then download the separate Bitmoji app, which is available for free on iOS and Android. After you create your personal avatar, open Snapchat and link both accounts by heading over to ‘Settings’ and clicking on the option ‘Bitmoji.’ If you are new to the Bitstrip’s app, it will simply let you create an account by ‘logging in with Snapchat.’

Users will find a wide array of costumes, facial features, stickers, activities and even scenes from favorite movies to customize and share. So, all users must do is tap on the square in the upper right-hand corner to place Bitmoji’s stickers in your photos and videos.

There is also the ability to do a ‘Friendmoji’, which allows two users who both have Bitmojis linked to Snapchat to create avatars together.

The growth and the new

Snapchat will also introduce Memories, a new addition that lets users save and edit old Snaps inside the app –rather than the camera rolls, so it can later be viewed or even stitched together for new stories.

As it is, the social network keeps growing. In a news release last Tuesday, the company said it now has 150 million daily users, who watch over 10 billion videos every day.

Nevertheless, research firm eMarketer assures that the social app is becoming more popular among older generations. By 2020, they expect that the millennial group will double its size and meet the younger bracket at more than 25 million users. Even snap chatters from 45 to 54 years old will grow to an estimated of 4 million users in the next years.

According to comScore, 38% of 25-to-34-year-old U.S smartphone users are now on the social media, up from just 5% three years ago, while the majority of users have between 18 to 24 years old.

Source: Daily Mail