Bill and Melinda Gates pose for a photo
Bill and Melinda Gates say nationalism isn't good for the US. Image: ABC News.

In an interview with USA Today, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, expressed his discomfort regarding the current nature of Donald Trump’s government, which he believes might have an unfavorable effect on foreign aid.

Mr. Gates and his wife Melinda both run a foundation that bears their names. They conduct various efforts throughout the world, but mainly in Africa, to bring monetary relief to impoverished communities.

Both Bill and Melinda Gates believe that Trump’s government roots itself in nationalism, and the head-of-state’s campaign and executive orders certainly point this way. According to the couple, Trumps brings forth an ‘inward-looking’ policy that benefits no one.

The ‘America first’ motto is not in America’s best interest

“Governments have to look outward,” Melinda Gates stated. “The message we are giving is, we are a global community.” She briefly mentioned the Ebola crisis that lasted from 2014 to 2016, remarking that foreign aid usually results in world peace.

The important thing, she maintained, is to get impoverished countries on the path towards progress. Both philanthropists have rooted their Foundation on these ideas, and don’t intend to provide Third World countries with unlimited donations.

Bill Gates talked about his private meeting with President Trump, which occurred before he took office. He said that his primary concern is that Trump’s administration might signify a risk for bipartisan programs that provide global health solutions.

“When you commit to bringing low-cost HIV drugs to people,” he said, “there’s a promise you’re not going to cut it off.” After Trump’s executive order to stop federal funding of abortion programs, the Gates’ concerns seem valid.

The future of foreign aid, according to the Gates

Following previous comments, Bill Gates stated Donald Trump paid a lot of attention to what he had to say at the New York meeting. He reported that Trump ‘admires’ successful people and that the businessman conducted himself with politeness at all times.

However, Gates also added that it was hard for him to sell Trump the idea of a healthy Third World population as a benefit to the US. Budget, he remarked, is tight right now, which makes it harder to reach an agreement.

Last Tuesday, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation released its annual letter. In the document, both wrote that they wanted to raise awareness on the importance of foreign aid. Current plans for monetary relief are in the world’s best interests, they noted.

The Gates Foundation helps countries in need thanks to Microsoft annual profits, but they also require support from Western governments.

Donald Trump has hinted that more executive orders will come in the following weeks, and one of them might have to do with this kind of foreign aid. However, whether his policies will affect or support foundations such as this one, no one can know for sure.

Source: USA Today