Bethesda teases new Fallout game: Fallout 76

Fallout’s upcoming title Fallout 76, has a new teaser trailer that blew minds away. Fallout is such a particular game that every detail is something to be stripped down for clues or hints regarding the upcoming details of the game. This Fallout 76 reveal was filled with detail, especially with the whole mysterious vibe that came from that Please Stand By stream.

This new teaser trailer gives fans a little notion of what’s coming next, and it was made clear that this title will follow the story of Vault 76, a control vault with 500 occupants that has been referenced and shown in previous games of the franchise. Fans speculate that this game will follow the events that unfolded in the vault.

Fallout 76: all the reveal details

The trailer presents a poster that shows that the Vault number is a reference to the starting date of the American Revolution and the opening year of its doors. So this may lead to think that the game will begin on the opening time of the Vault.

There is also a TV with the recurrent picture of Vault 76 in a ceremony that celebrates people entering and being closed in it, with some sort of important figure talking about the “control Vault” that speaks some introductory words for the apocalypse that is sure to come: “For when the fighting has stopped, and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild,” he says.

Also, there is something important to be noted in the trophy case that is displayed in the trailer.

There are trophies that point out that the character is most probably someone who grew up in this particular control vault, for example, the Performance Award, Vault Hall Monitor: In recognition of loyal and dedicated service towards the order and safety of our community, and the Annual Vault Halloween Costume Contest.

Either way, the trailer basically ends with something called Reclamation Day, and it shows that despite being completely abandoned everything inside the vault remains in good conditions, and this Reclamation Day comes 25 years after October 23, 2077, which happens to be the date of the nuclear apocalypse during the Great War and only a year after the closure of Vault 76’s doors.

Finally, there is one last thing that sparks certain intrigue in this Fallout teaser, and it is that these abandoned halls and common spaces are unlike any other vault that has been seen in previous Fallout titles. This one looks like an actual place where people could live in, instead of the mechanical underground surroundings we are used to in the game.

Source: Polygon