Bethesda at E3 2018: Starfield, Fallout 76 and other highlights

Speculations on Bethesda and expectations were thoroughly met on Sunday night, as the game developing company broke the silence on several rumors, among them, there were many official announcements and reveals with teaser trailers with long-awaited games, among them, the announcement of a new title of the Elder Scrolls and an eager easer card game were top highlights in the company’s E3 keynote presentation.

The streaming platform Twitch will be showcasing the entire event through the entire week scheduled, starting June 12 all the way to June 14.

Rumors on Starfield are confirmed

This upcoming Space Epic adventure game was confirmed, it marks the first new franchise that the developing company will launch in 25 years, and Bethesda confirmed the rumors with a teaser accompanied by a notable epic score.

During last year’s June, the rumors started to spread via 4chan, and they claimed that Bethesda would reveal this exact same title in last year’s E3 conference, the game is alleged to feature the company’s already classical role-playing foundation onto a sci-fi landscape that will allow players to launch into space, however very little is known about the game as the company is yet to confirm many details.

The return of “Doom” after 2 years

Bethesda confirmed a sequel to 2016’s Doom, and this will go by the name of “Doom Eternal”.

Software creative Hugo Martin, confirmed the comeback of the series by giving a very enthusiast statement to fans of this series by guaranteeing that developers have been pleased by fan reviews and reception, he also claimed that the team is “right there with you”

You want the Doom Slayer to feel even more powerful? We’ve got it. You want even more badass demons? There are twice as many in this game. You want to see Hell on Earth? We just teased it. But what we’re most excited about is showing you some of the things that you might not be expecting.” It was also announced that there will be more details coming on August 10.

A Brand new Wolfenstein story

It was confirmed that the alternate future of Wolfenstein will portray the story of B.J Blazkowics’s twin daughters in a new European scenario following the events of the Second American Revolution rallied by B.J in Wolfenstein II The New Colossus.

This Co-Op game will feature the adventures of B.J’s twin daughters as they try to carry out the resistance in Paris, France 2 decades after the revolution and with their father gone missing in the Nazi-occupied France scenario.

Fallout Shelter now available on PS4 and Switch

Thus free RPG popular game originally launched in 2015 will now allow players to build their own Vault tech facility in their main consoles, giving them the chance to customize their dwellers, to scavenge, protect and repopulate their communities in Fallout’s cartoonish and goofy graphics.

The Elder Scrolls different announcements

Bethesda knows how big of a hit The Elder Scrolls franchise got, especially with Skyrim’s massive success.

“The Elder Scroll Blades” a new full-fledged RPG is coming to mobile devices, Bethesda revealed about this Blades contains the many hallmarks Elder Scrolls fans enjoy from the franchise,”

“beautifully rendered, console-quality environments; powerful magic; tons of gear to collect; upgradeable skills; and, of course, real-time fantasy battles! Fights are settled using the touchscreen to slash [with] your sword, deflect oncoming attacks, cast a mighty bolt of lightning, and more.”

Bethesda’s Community Manager Christian Van Hoose said. “Download ‘The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ for free and join me tonight on PC, mobile, or tablet, and any progress you make in the game will be carried over to the console versions through your account.”

This mobile title was announced with the pretext of fans being able to get started on their game progress right now with this collectible card game that will be making its way to every console in the market pretty soon.

Plus after 7 long years filled with DLCs and graphics upgrades, Bethesda has revealed the upcoming Elder Scrolls core title is officially on development, and this was certainly one of the main highlights of the entire E3 opening keynote.

Source: Bethesda