Nintendo will discontinue the Wii U, rumors say
Nintendo will discontinue the Wii U, rumors say. Image credit: Goliath.

An unknown number of employees at a BestBuy in Valley Stream, Long Island, put together $300 among them to purchase a brand new WiiU for a regular teenage customer who came to the store to play the demo section every day.

The young boy is reportedly the son of a loving family that lives in a low-income environment nearby, with his parents unable to afford any video game console for him.

One of the managers, Rahiem Storr, filmed the encounter and uploaded it to YouTube where it already has more than a million views.

The Internet has raised both terribly derogatory comments and much praise for the kind-hearted workers

In the video, we can see the boy being extremely taken aback for the offering, reluctantly accepting the gift a few seconds later. What was only apparently a gesture of nervousness and happiness was misconstrued by commenters on Reddit and YouTube as something else.

The same goes for the reactions regarding the workers at BestBuy. Many people have been maliciously hinting that they offered the kid a WiiU only for marketing reasons and not as what it was, a simple Christmas gift.

In any case, the video has drawn mostly positive reactions, with some reviewers suggesting that it might become a trend, as has happened before with other viral videos.

The manager later made another video responding to hateful comments

Rahiem later published another video in response to the haters from both Reddit and YouTube in the first video. He stated that this aggressive response was exactly the reason society is currently broken, according to his point of view.

“If you don’t have something good to say, don’t say it,” he reiterates while adding that nothing but congratulations such come from the actions taken by those BestBuy employees.

After giving him the console, one of the workers even offered the young customer a ride home to keep him from walking all the way with the console through his neighborhood, which could have posed a risk for his safety.

Storr later reiterated in a YouTube comment to his video that the kid’s parents were “beyond welcoming” and that they thanked the staff profusely in a joy-filled encounter. The kid walked away from BestBuy as the proud owner of a Mario Kart bundle.

Staff reported that his favorite activity was playing Super Smash Bros Brawl, something he might do later on from the comfort of his home thanks to the actions of these employees.

Source: TechSpot