Link learns to jump - Zelda Breath of the Wild meme
Image: KnowYourMeme.

It has been nearly a month since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched alongside the new Nintendo Switch. Both the console and the game have been very successful, and they have inspired a series of curious memes.

The latest title in The Legend of Zelda saga has been by far the most ambitious, packing a map that is several times larger than the entire world of previous games. Like its predecessors, Breath of the Wild has received extensive critical acclaim.

Many see the open-world adventure as the main responsible for the success of the Switch. It was as strong a launch title for the hybrid console, and it greatly exhibits what the system can do regarding portable performance.

1. Be careful who you call ugly

It is dangerous to go alone-Zelda
Image: Quiiz.

A batch of 15 of the best Breath of the Wild memes showed up in 9gag, just a few days after the game debuted with the Nintendo Switch. People were quick to make humorous references to pop culture and old memes in these new macros.

For example, this first Twitter meme shows a variation of the popular ‘Be careful about who you call ugly in middle school’ with two pictures. The first one is the Old Man that first helps you in the iconic first title of the saga, while the second one is the Wild Old Man, a mysterious spirit that helps you in the new game.

2. When the series is named after you

Image: a.akamaihd.

Fans could not waste the opportunity to mix two of the most long-running jokes of the internet: Zelda as a title character but not the protagonist and Arthur memes.

This time over, the caption reads “When the series is named after you, but you’re not the main protagonist” on top of a screenshot of Princess Zelda’s fist.

In the early stages of the game, it was speculated that she might play a bigger role in this installment, perhaps even being the protagonist.

3. Great game, wrong console 

Image: animatorvalentine.

A darker joke and something everyone has suffered: waiting long for a game only to find your parents got you a different one. Who better to depict this ironic situation than The Simpsons?

Using images from a Christmas chapter in which Marge gifts Bart something he did not want, fans made Bart eager to get Zelda: Breath of the Wild only to find Horizon: Zero Dawn after unwrapping the present.

4. Prince Sidon

Gamers sometimes have crushes on video game characters, we are weird like that, but Zelda fans are taking it to the next level. Some people took quite a huge liking to Prince Sidon, the charismatic leader of the Zora tribe in the new game.

There are much more explicit memes featuring Prince Sidon and Link, but for now, let’s leave it like that. This image is enough for you to speculate just how fond people are of the reimagined, shark-inspired character (hint: a lot).

5. ‘Deal with it’ Guardian laser bouncing

Last but not least, fans of the franchise who discovered some of the neatest tricks of in-game combat could not wait to show off their skills with GIFs and videos of their own.

One Twitter user went the extra mile to create a video that captures just how we feel when we achieve a particular move.

Guardians are tough enemies, and they habit in Breath of the Wild Meadows and other areas, but there is one trick you can use to quickly destroy them: you can blast them with their laser by bouncing it back pressing the A button right when it hits you.

@MarachiiSoup on Twitter plays Denzel Curry’s “Ultimate” song on top of the short video showing the outstanding feat.