The Super Bowl is finally upon us. As aptly described by Bill Belicheck, 30 NFL teams have met their “crash landing at the end of the season,” and there are only two teams for the face off for the American non-national holiday. To catch all the action, you may need to be glued to your TV sets.

During this time, you should definitely consider upgrading your television sets as for this particular purchase, there are great chances that you will get deals that are even better than the ones that you will be seeing during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Here are the top five deals for brilliant TVs that you can grab during the super bowl sale. We have tried to include the best discounts in all the categories. If you find better deals or televisions in each price category, do let us know.

Sony XBR65X810C


Finding a Sony TV at this price point sounds like a myth, however, this time, the deal is real. The display is quite spectacular with direct backlight. The screen size for the TV is 65 inches and the resolution is 4K Ultra HD. The native refresh rate of the TV is 120Hz, but, this set is able to smooth things further with Sony’s Motionflow tech for up to an “effective” 960 Hz refresh rate.


At Amazon, you can get the set for $1498, which is $601.99 less than the original price.

At Best Buy, this set is available for $1499.

Samsung UN60JS7000


With 60Hz native refresh rates, it is true that the set can’t keep up with most recent competitions, however, the real catch when it comes to this set is that it offers Samsung’s new quantum dot technology for ultra-vivid colors and blazing brightness, designating it as not just a UHD TV, but an SUHD TV, what ‘S‘ really for is not known.

The TV is 60 inches in size and you can turn on motion enhancement to get an “effective” 120 Hz refresh rate for the game, while it also is a full array back-lit display with local dimming, which makes for better contrast in the dark.

If you are looking to save $400, read on, Samsung is known to built super-cheap 55-inch sets.


Amazon has it for $1397.

You can buy the set at Best Buy for $1399.

LG 60UF7700


This is another amazing set from the TVs released by LG in the year 2015. It features a 60 inches wide screen with ultra HD 4K resolution and a native refresh rate of 120Hz.


You can buy this set at Amazon for $1,197 and

At Best Buy for $1,199.

Samsung UN55JU6700


If you are looking for something more eye-catching, this curved TV from Samsung is a good deal. It is a 55-inch set. It supports 4K Ultra HD display and has a native refresh rate of 60Hz.


The set is available at Amazon for $1097 and you can buy it at Best Buy for $1099 as well.

LG 55UF6450


The price for this TV is the real catch here. It is a 55-inch display with 4K UHD resolution and a native refresh rate of 60Hz.


You can buy this set at Best Buy for $699.99.

The Verdict

All sets that are listed above are the best deals that you can get at each price point. However, you will have to keep the refresh rate in mind, as all TVs have similar resolutions. If you are looking for a budget TV that offers great resolution and normal refresh rate, then the LG 55UF6450 is a good option.