The BAFTA awards sizzled with its red carpet appearances, once again at London’s Royal Festival Hall, on Sunday, the 8th of May.

The stars were dressed to dazzle! The city was home to some of the best outfits this summer.

It is hardly a secret that the BAFTA gives us some drool-worthy pictures, but this year’s show certainly raised the bar, just a teensy bit!

Here are our top picks for the best dressed female celebrities:

5- Rochelle Humes: The British singer and TV presenter sure lit up the arena with a bodacious split one side up dress. She lights the red carpet just as well as she does the stage.

Rochelle Humes bafta awards

4- Maise Williams: The 19 years old Game of Thrones Star never fails to make a mark when it comes to Fashion. Her Pink Sequin dress wore as much glam as Arya Stark’s unforgiving sword.

Maise Williams

3- Georgia May Foote: When it comes to the red carpet, one can never miss the allure of black. The former Coronation Street star set ablaze the place with a black sequin gown.

Georgia May Foote

2- Amanda Holden- Amanda’s got talent! But we all know that. She might rip apart contestants as they try to impress her with their talent, but she knows her way around the BAFTA. She sure carried herself well through it in a gorgeous silver gown.

Amanda Holden

1- Alesha Dixon- “Oozing glamour” I quote from the mirror because that’s exactly what she did! The British veteran singer did a truly sartorial display of how talented she is.

Alesha Dixon

The mustard yellow skin-tight gown that gently led its silhouette from her knees to the floor beneath her feet was the toughest to miss on an evening like this.

BAFTA Wardrobe