Owning a house to call your home is a goal for most, if not all people. According to Statista, it is forecast the total residential construction in the US alone until 2022 will reach 617.95 BILLION dollars.

Home construction (Residential construction ) is typically defined as the business of building and selling single and multi-family dwellings. This includes single-unit, duplex, quad-plex, apartments and condominiums. Residential construction is a complex process, but it its simplest form the builder will buy land, then develops the land by clearing and grading, constructs roads, sidewalk, drainage, sewage, and provides provisions for electrical, and water. Modern houses nowadays want to add provisions for internet among other things. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to build a housing project without the help of a construction project management software tool.

 What is A Project Management Software?

 Construction management software, in a nutshell, is a platform that can help companies in different processes like but not limited to, budget management, communication, decision making, and job scheduling. The main goal of this platform is to make construction business processes easier thru computerization.

Automation frees you from the difficulties of these processes so that you can focus on building, and getting the project done on time.

 Why Should You Use A Construction Project Management Platform

 So, we’ve defined what a construction project management software is, but this still doesn’t answer the question on WHY you should use it when the old school method of pen and paper is still working. To answer this, here are a few things that the right new home construction project management software can do for you.

Greater Accessibility and Accountability

Most of the web-based project management software can be accessed thru an app anytime, anywhere making job completion easier because you don’t need to rush into the office to get things done. In addition to this, because everyone knows who has been assigned a job and when the job should be finished, it increases accountability. Gone are the days when team members can claim that they didn’t get the memo about the new project date completion.

Better Collaboration With Team Members

In construction, the success of a construction project depends on the teamwork of the different people involved in the process. And to ensure there is good teamwork, there must be good communication between the team members so that no one drops the ball. A good project management software provides a platform that provides seamless communication between team members whether they are out in the field or in the office.

Residential Construction Software

If at this point, we have piqued your curiosity on construction management software, and you want to know more, we have scoured the internet for the best residential construction project management software reviews so that you can start to sink your teeth into finding out which one can work best for you.


Procore is a web-based, SaaS ( Subscription as a Service Model) project management software consistently ranked as part of the top 5 project construction software in reputable websites like Capterra. Designed to provide a secure, but simple cloud-based platform, it can manage multiple projects, as well as unlimited collaborators as well as features including a change order system and drawing management tool.

One of the most interesting thing that Procore can offer that, as of this writing, no other project management software can offer is it offers access to UNLIMITED users at no extra cost. A great offer especially if you are managing a big team.


IHMS ( Integrated Homebuilders Management System) is a solution that runs on IOS that’s made especially for residential contractors. It’s an integrated database system that provides a platform for team communication between subcontractors, sales and design.

One of the top features of this software is its ability, thru an app to have client user send and receive photos, make design choices and submit questions to the builders. A well-informed client can prevent any type of problems later on.


BuilderSoft Pro is Windows-based construction and accounting project management solution built for small to medium homebuilders and remodelers. This software help automates processes like invoices, payrolls, as well as create custom job costing, make accurate estimates for clients, and automatically updates the schedule as the project moves towards completion.

BuilderSoft Pro users can create what they call a “master job” wherein construction managers can use this to make a template for similar jobs in the future.


Another multi-award project management software that’s worth taking a look at is BuilderTREND. Buildertrend is a cloud-based, as well as Android and IOS compatible project management software that can cover the project in all stages – pre-sale, as well as offer an array of project management solutions when the project is on the way as well as a system for the clients to submit payments or approve change orders.

It offers mobile clock-in and clock-out and offers software integration with Quickbooks, Houzz, and even Paypal!

We hope this short discourse has whetted your appetite in your quest of looking for a construction project management software for your home construction project. Is your company currently using construction management software? Let us know by sharing your experiences below!