Battlefield just dropped all DLCs for free, for every console. Image Source: YouTube

Battlefield 4 has been the most successful entry so far for the franchise developed by Dice and now gamers will be able to experience all its DLCs for free on all platforms. To prepare the road for the upcoming Battlefield 1, Dice along with EA Games have announced this unusual move. This offer will be available for a limited time.

What is more, an exclusive pack of world missions will be available for everyone so they can tackle the full Battlefield experience and level the field for newcomers. These missions are community challenges that will reward all players who have contributed in any way to achieve it. So far, the prices for the DLC have been confirmed to be Gold Packs. These packs will contain new camos and dog tags, so far there has been no mention if these will be brand new or old premium ones.

The information was released via the official Battlefield website and currently, all the download codes are available for PC players. Console gamers need to wait for the DLCs to become available for free at their stores in both PlayStation 3 and 4 or Xbox 360 and One.

This release has started some rumors about a possible new DLC map for this entry. Journalists believe that it may be an updated version of preexisting maps The Great Wall or Wake Island. Also, some more surprises should be coming around the corner; Dice has mentioned that the release of Battlefield 1 should not mark the end for B4.

On the road for Battlefield 1

This DLC offer will also take effect on Battlefield: Hardline, giving its five DLCs for free with their own set of customized community missions. This announcement seeks to encourage the community to experience Battlefield at its fullest.

Battlefield 1 is a surprising move from Dice as it chooses for their main topic, World War I. Using old ordinance, and this game promises to bring a brand new experience to hard fans of Battlefield. No advance scopes or satellite support will be available for players; now they will have to rely on horses and bayonets to do the hard work.

So far Dice has confirmed that the first DLC map for Battlefield 1 will be totally free. With the name of “Giant’s Shadow,” it will feature the Battle of Selle, fought between British and Russian forces. It features interesting not-so-historically-accurate twists to keep players on their toes during combat. Dice promises that this map will display a new level of interaction and graphic detail unseen in the regular game.

The game is set for release on October 21 in PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC gamers and its first DLC will arrive in early December 2016.

Source: Battlefield 4 Central