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If you bought a new smartphone or just switching from your old one to a brand new one. You always need apps and will need in future too, you can’t live without staring at your favorite app once in a day. There are millions of apps on the app store including games, editors or different betting sites apps and it will take a lot of time to surf all of them and find what you really want. That’s why we created this list of apps which you will find interesting and worth installing.

Amazon Kindle

If you like reading hen Amazon Kindle is an app which can keep you busy for hours (or maybe days). If you are already a Kindle member then you can get all your purchased books right on your smartphone. The app also allows you to sync the status of the book across all your devices with Amazon Kindle installed so you will continue from the same page where you left last time. Amazon Kindle app is available for Android and iOS both so you can read books on your smartphone or your iPad.


CamScanner is almost a life saver app when it comes to scanning documents. This app can scan the documents using the primary camera of the smartphone. There are lots of options to customize the scanned document like you can change the brightness and contrast, there are some presets too. The scanned documents can be shared in images mode or the pdf document mode.


Flamingo is the best Twitter client you can find on the smartphones and tablets. Flamingo comes with the best user interface for making the Tweet surfing enjoyable. Though there are some features which are not present in this client but thanks to Twitter, it provides the best, and pure Twitter experience on Android.


If you always keep rushing to different apps and websites to check out the latest news about any specific topic then there is a perfect solution for you. Flipboard brings most of the popular magazines at the same place so you don’t have to install different apps every day. You can customize the interface according to the topics you choose.


If you always forget your passwords and you need to reset the passwords frequently then LastPass is a life saver app. LastPass saves almost every password you entered on your device and keep it safely protected by a master password which you set while registration. And wherever you have to enter the password on your device, the LastPass comes into action.


If you are a movie junkie then Netflix is an amazing streaming app for you. You can stream almost every show whether it a new or old. Netflix also comes with a download option so you can download the shows you want to watch later. The Netflix also has its own original series of Stranger Things, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and many more.

Relay for Reddit

Using the Reddit website for managing your account is a whole mess to deal with and if you are looking for a client then the search is over. The relay is the perfect and the most amazing Reddit client app for Android to use. The user interface is the main attraction of the application, there are lots of customization options.


Tasker is an awesome app for some high-end Android users who want to tinker with their smartphone a lot. This app can schedule any task on your smartphone, you can even create a trigger for any task or just set it to trigger on boot every time. This app is perfect for you if you like to customize your smartphone user interface a lot.


If you are not good at math then don’t worry there is an app which can help you learn without any tutor. Photomath app scans the math problem from any surface and solves it for you. And not only solving it, it also shows you the steps for solving that problem. It might also come in handy if you want to do some quick math just by writing the equation and point your phone at it.


If you are still using the same old method of getting rid of unwanted pictures by marking them and deleting them. Flic is a whole new way of deleting pictures, Tinder-style. The app will show you all your pictures stacked like in tinder and you can easily delete them one by one. It sure takes some time but it assures you that you won’t end up deleting some good memories.


These apps are tested by us and can assure you that you won’t be disappointed by installing any of these apps. You might get addicted to these apps, so try at your own risk. All these apps are free and won’t cost you a single penny.