Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Tasks and Time

People in the world of today consider being productive and doing the right thing at the right time as a key to success. Now it does not at all mean that if you want to manage your time, you have to stick to the old and complex ways to get things done quickly and without making more effort when you have apps to do that for you.

Managers and other decision-makers expect people to improve the quality of work and get them more results. Hence, people seek ways to improve the quality of their work and polish their skills more and be more productive. Also, they have to track their time and keep their work organized and more manageable. To get this done, employees and managers use different apps that help them and the other parts of the organization become more productive and give out better results. You can download these apps using Spectrum internet that can be ordered by simply dialing in the Spectrum service number ( For Spanish users, visit numero de spectrum). So let’s get to know such apps and ways these can make you and people in your team more productive:


CloudApp is a communication tool that can help you save more time. If you are someone who spends a lot of time while communicating with employees and other factors related to your business, then CloudApp can help you save more than 56 hours per week. The app is created keeping in mind the fact that people process images at a 60,000x faster speed than information provided in plain text.

If you want to communicate with your colleague, a client, or your managers you can use the different functions offered by the app. These functions include video recording, image annotation, capturing screenshots, and other features as well. This will help you to communicate in a faster and easier way. Also, it helps you avoid writing complex, lengthy emails to convey your idea or messages by simply allowing them to show people what you mean. The app helps you to stay productive keeping your budget intact.


The app is one of the most widely used applications that is used by many renowned names in the industry. The app is mainly used by startups and tech giants as a way to enhance productivity and to make communication more manageable. It is so easy to use for people who don’t want to go through long lists of messages and miss the important ones when you have a lot of new messages coming in your inbox every time. Slack is going to help you keep your messages in a very organized way. You can create different channels to handle tasks and conversations for different departments, clients, projects, and teams as well. Also, the app can help you share documents, perform video chat, and communicate using GIFs and other options provided by the app. You can also make things more compact and efficient by adding other popular business applications like Dropbox, SalesForce, and many other business applications. Thus Slack makes business communication more streamlined and easy to track when needed.


Toggl is one of the apps that you can use to track the time that your employees or you spend on tasks. You can organize the entries either manually or automatically by teams, clients, tags, or projects that you are working on. Also, to make things more descriptive, you can add notes to it so that you can recall that you started off with a task and it needs to get done. The app is one way to keep track of the time spent on the task so that you can find ways to optimize your processes. The app can be synced as a mobile app, browser add-on, desktop app, and across different devices that you use. This will prevent you from skipping any important updates


The app is highly customizable and helps you to cover up time for tasks that are very complicated or need some complex work every day. You can create unique shortcuts on the home screen on the phone that can perform batches of tasks using a single tap. Workflow boasts action integrations with different social media apps and apps like Uber. The app cuts down the amount of time wasted by automating different complex tasks that you do on your phone. It is quick, easy to use, lets you create new apps and shortcuts using drag-and-drop commands


Using these apps not only helps you keep things organized at work, but also helps employees streamline their tasks and within their reach. This will have a positive effect on the productivity of your workplace and your profits. Also, you must make sure that the apps you are using work alongside your business activities. To get this done, make sure that you do a bit of research too so that you don’t end up buying something that might not be helpful in the long-run.

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