Touchscreen smartphone with cloud of colorful application icons isolated on white background

Undoubtedly, the biggest trend of the 21st century, is technology and more specifically, the global addiction on smartphones. We use them to communicate in every way – phone calls, SMS, email, social media and networks – to listen to our favourite songs, find our way when we get lost and take beautiful pictures that will last for a lifetime. In other words, your smartphone is the most useful tool on your everyday life and the most powerful to have ever fit your palm as well.

And yet, this brilliant tool works as long as there is enough battery life. Besides the capacity, installing a plethora of apps is not always the best thing for your device. If you’re a smartphone user then you’ve probably noticed the decrease of your phone’s autonomy after installing certain apps.

The reason is that smartphones have a life expectancy of several hours and yet, they never make it not even to the half of the hours they were supposed to last. According to a recent research conducted by AVG, some of the apps that we use on a daily basis consume a huge percentage of the smartphone’s battery life in order to operate. The results came from a million of anonymous Android users and refer to apps that have more than a million downloads.

So take a look on some apps that consume your battery the most and turn them off after using them in order to avoid being left with a dead phone all the time.

Facebook: This app runs continuously on the background, requests data from the internet, downloads and displays pictures and of course uses the maximum capabilities of your screen. If your battery is at 20% or lower, you better think again before you upload your next status.

Maps: Whether you have Google Maps, Bing Maps, or any other kind of maps, one this is for sure. The constant use of your smartphone’s GPS will consume your battery too fast while 10 minutes of use can you up to 6MB!

Email and social media: You may use your email to check feedbacks or documents from your work but our smartphones are set up to check for new emails and notifications (eg messages or responds on Facebook or Twitter) all the time. If you want to keep your phone alive for a little more cancel the auto updates and check manually the things that actually concern you.

Games: Basically, all games for a smartphone contain ad banners (usually for free) and advanced or even 3D graphics that can make your battery go out in a matter of minutes. In addition, they tend to consume more data – depending on the app.

So make sure to always turn off the GPS when you don’t need it as well as any other feature that you have turned on for no reason. That will save you a lot of time and trouble, especially if you like being on the run while you work.