iPhone 6c render

For quite some time now, the rumor mill has been live with the possibility for the debut of an all-new version of its 4-inch iPhone by Apple in March. The rumor seems to have some truth in it as at the moment, flagship phone sales have largely peaked, and that’s more than a good reason for a refresh.

According to Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac, the release would take place at an event scheduled in March. Gurman is known for being a reliable source as far as release dates of upcoming Apple products are concerned.

The speculation for such an offering has been clouding the market for quite some time now and the fans of the iPhone are eagerly waiting to get the exact time-frame when the release is going to happen. For some reason, famed Apple bull Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray, who gained fame when he had wrongfully predicted that the company would start manufacturing television sets, doesn’t believe in the possibility that Apple is planning to launch a new phone, this spring.

He, in an updated research note sent out to clients and investors, mentioned that there is no business sense in Apple making such a release. He added that if a 4-inch device is circulated, there are chances that it will become obsolete quite quickly as the release of the new iPhone 7 is almost upon in September.

His analysis does make some sense as most of the buyers would prefer to go with the iPhone 7, rather than some revamped version of the iPhone 5S. However, this theory may be faulty as there are some people out there who prefer to use devices with smaller form factor.

Mr. Munster, however, didn’t deny the possibility of a new iPad Air 3 and a new iWatch making its debut in the upcoming event.