US – Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) recently introduced a new 27-inch iMac with retina display. Almost two years have passed; Apple has not updated its non-retina versions of the iMac excluding the new cheaper iMac which was introduced in June, 2014. But the latest beta of OS X El Capitan suggests a possible update in 21.5-inch iMac featuring 21.5-inch display with an insane 4096 x 2304, providing a 4K resolution.

At the time of release, the beautiful desktop computer; 27-inch 5K retina iMac costs around $2,499. However, Apple has cut down its price making it a bit cheaper and now it is available at prices starting at $1,999. Even at this price of $1,999 it is quite expensive and requires some more money to get an SSD or fusion drive. And, after spending a bit more money on another upgrade or two; the result will be an enormous, powerful; but yet an expensive desktop computer.

According to a report on French website, Cosmomac, there are images in the latest beta of OS X El Capitan. Out of the three images, two images showed a new 5K iMac; thereby giving the possibility that Apple might be updating the existing 5K iMac model while giving them new specs in the upcoming months.

However, the third image was a brand new. The image showed a new 21.5-inch iMac with a retina display. That would be a native resolution of 4096 x 2304; also known as the 4K display. It is more than twice the current resolution of 21.5-inch iMac; sporting a 1920 x 1080 resolution display. The 27-inch 5K iMac offers 5120 x 2880 resolution, while the 15-inch retina MacBook Pro offers a 2880 x 1800 pixels resolution display. With this 4K display, people will be able to watch 4K video in its native resolution, without scaling it down.

Also as per the images of iMac; as seen in the El Capitan icon, the iMac’s design is seemed to same as before. Thus, Apple won’t be updating the design of its desktop computer.

The current 21.5-inch iMac is available with prices starting at $1,099. Of course, the new 21.5- inch retina variant will be expensive than this current variant but will be cheaper than 27-inch 5K iMac. Thus, for those people who cannot afford the much expensive 27-inch 5K iMac, it will prove to be a boon. Also, with the introduction of retina display in 21.5-inch iMac, Apple will be filling the hole in its retina display series; in between its 15-inch MacBook Pro and 27-inch 5K iMac.