Apple makes a move to push Apple Music further into competition with Spotify with a new key hire. Image: Compfight

Apple has named Oliver Schusser Vice President of Apple Music and international content on Tuesday, after 14 years of service to the company, in which the most recent ones consisted on Mr. Schusser managing leading teams in 38 different international offices. According to Apple, the newly appointed VP was an important player in the Shazam acquisition.

The move apparently suggests that Apple will redirect all seriousness to their old school focus point, their music platforms. Given the fact that Schusser is known in the company for clever tech acquisitions, it has been rumored that the new boss in charge can and will take on Apple’s ambitions of improving the company’s involvement into the television and AI market.

Who is Oliver Schusser, Apple Music’s new VP?

Oliver Schusser, who initially joined Apple back in 2004 and since then has been working his way up in international management, currently has his office in London. Now, Schusser has to share his time between offices, since he needs to become a regular at both Apple’s campus in Cupertino and Culver City, California.

Schusser has proved to be an effective worker with music labels, studios, and publishers. However, it has been reported that Apple is seeking to compete with big content creators such as Netflix. His international experience at other companies such as Napster and Universal may come in handy when approaching Apple’s planned takeover on big markets like China.

Schusser’s main mission and role at Apple Music

As the new head of Apple Music International, Schusser has the mission to ensure the dominance of Apple Music in the streaming industry, since Apple’s streaming service now reaches 40 million subscribers. This means that it is now halfway from its rival Spotify, with currently 71 million subscribers and the new VP has the heavy duty of boosting the numbers at a higher rate than last year’s record.

Schusser’s main goal, according to some Apple statements, is to remain focused on software and services growth, helping his superior Eddy Cue, senior VP of internet software and services, as CEO Tim Cook stated that Apple must double this particular line of business by 2020, which puts Schusser in a  very hard position.

Jimmy Iovine, however, is said to not be affected by Schusser’s promotion. Iovine not being as skillful of a businessman as Schusser is well known for his connections. He was an addition to Apple’s team as part of the Beats takeover, which meant a significant upgrade to Apple hardware. Also, it was reported that Iovine desires to step down to the role of consultant.

Source: Variety