According to Forbes, the Cupertino giant has made a statement mentioning that it is looking forwards hitting 100 million subscribers for its upcoming music streaming service, Apple Music.

The report considers the above probable by relying on the fact that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has sold one billion iPhone units since the inception of the line-up. Though, one should bear in mind that a large percentage of the currently sold iPhones are not compatible with iOS 9 – iPhone 4 and prior. The company’s ambition to reach 100 million appears possible compared to the number of sold units – 100 million is indeed only 10 percent of 1 billion- on paper though as aforementioned around 200 million iPhones are not getting the iOS 9 update.

In addition to that, if one uses plain logic then he will draw the conclusion that out of these 800 million iPhone owners a number of them are not going to take any interest in the service either because paying for music is just not their thing or due to the fact that they are settled with their current music service subscription.

Evidently, the company is planning to lure customers with its three-month free offer, that way allowing them to have some time to play around with Apple Music and then decide. Everybody loves free stuff, hence I am quite optimistic that the majority will make use of the particular free trial until they are asked to pay the $10 monthly subscription fee.


One hundred million users is indeed a long shot. According to recently published researches, Spotify – which currently is the most popular in its field-, only has 60 million users, with 1 in 4 paying. With a quick calculation that is equal to roughly 20 (something) million actual subscribers. Take into consideration the fact that Spotify was launched back in 2008, so it took it seven years to achieve the above benchmark.

The report does not specify the company’s timeframe for reaching the 100 million fanbase though in some sort of way it implies that Apple wants to make this goal a reality pretty soon.