Most credible rumors about the iPhone 7. Image credit: YouTube.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is ready to reveal the new iPhone 7. The company will hold an event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditory in San Francisco on September 7th. Apple emailed invitations to media outlets this morning.

Although the message doesn’t give any further information about what the company is unveiling, the press is expecting an iPhone 7, and possibly a second-gen Apple Watch. The final updates of the iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra could also be part of the event, according to Mac World.

Apple is known for releasing new devices at the beginning of September. The tech giant delivered both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 series around this time. These early launches are the main reason for the media to speculate about the arrival of the new handset.

Also, plenty of specialized websites have posted rumors about the iPhone specs and design in the past months. According to App Advice, the product won’t feature any significant changes on its looks. Apple is reportedly holding a design upgrade for next year when a 10th anniversary iPhone could arrive.

The iPhone would come in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold

However, most of these websites have reported minor changes in the handset’s exterior. One of them would be the length of its antenna, as it would split in two, instead of extending across the body.

Another heavily rumored change in the upcoming device is its audio output. Apple is getting rid of the 3.5mm standard jack, and instead, would replace it with wireless earbuds. This move from the company has faced mixed feelings among consumers, and even Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak expressed his concerns about it.

The curved-screen model shown above is an artist's depiction of what next-generation smartphones could look like. Image Source: Business Insider
The curved-screen model shown above is an artist’s depiction of what next-generation smartphones could look like. Image Source: Business Insider

The handset might also be water-resistant

The iPhone’s hardware is expected to come with the latest high-end tech. An A10 chip with 64-bit architecture would run the device. It would also come with an ‘M10’ motion coprocessor, according to a leak from GeekBar posted on Weibo two weeks ago.

Other possible features include a dual camera, and three options for the storage capacity of 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB respectively.

The WatchOS 3 is running the next-gen Apple Watch

The gadget is reportedly coming with a faster processor and GPS, but the central aspect of the Apple Watch might be its new OS. The WatchOS 3 was designed to be more practical, and will help the device feel more like a watch, according to a description on Apple’s portal.

However, rumors across tech sites suggest the Apple Watch won’t face any significant changes in its design.

The upcoming Apple event is invitation-only, customers will have to wait these days before official reports of the new products hit the internet.

Source: Mac World