The next cycle of release of the new iPhone is still a long way off, but the rumor mill is quite active with potential specs and design intel frequently making their way into the internet.

Apple analysts from KGI, including Ming-Chi Kuo, have definitely proven a trustworthy source of information in the past. It is true that they mostly deal with analytical results and speculations, but we have seen their suggestions come true in the past. In a new memo that Kuo has launched for the investors, there is a mention of the dual rear camera setup for the iPhone 7 Plus. Even if the camera setup may not be dual, per say, there is a mention of something that is, at least, close to it.

Considering the past record of Apple, it will be safe to assume that the company is all set to release two variants of its handset, most likely a 4.7-inch iPhone 7 and a 5.5-inch 7 Plus one.

According to the memo, the dual camera setup will be aimed at the bigger iPhone 7 Plus model. Kuo mentioned that the handset will feature a dual-CIS setup, that is most likely to be developed by LinX, which is a company that specializes in creating ultra-compact camera sensors for slim smartphones. LinX was acquired by Apple back in 2015.

The camera setup may feature dual 12MP sensors, one that has OIS (Optical image stabilization) and the other that has a wide-angle telephoto lens and 2-3x zoom. OIS is something that is not at all a new territory for Apple, but optical zoom still remains unobserved. This particular addition will surely help in making some interesting bokeh effects and variable focus possible.

Finally, Kuo also mentioned that in order to reduce the strain on the production line, there is a great chance that the dual camera setup will be offered only in the premium offerings. He further assumed that 25-35% of the shipped devices may feature this setup.