It has been quite some time now since reports last suggested that Apple is looking to get rid of the headphone jack in its smartphone series. With the iPhone 7, it looks like this particular feature is going to be present, but the real question is, with what is Cupertino planning to fill in the space that is left behind the physical jack?

According to a Barclays bank memo that was obtained by Apple Insider,  the multinational banking and financial services company claims Apple will replace the headphone jack with a second speaker. This would give the iPhone 7 stereo audio for the first time in its history and deliver a significant boost to what is one of its most major weaknesses.

To make sure that the speaker addition is more beneficial, the memo further states that Apple will also add a second amp built by Cirrus Logic. This should add notably more power and the potential to match the stereo speakers offered by many rivals smartphone manufacturers.

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The most crucial thing to note at this moment, is that this move, in particular, will surely put Apple ahead of its biggest competitor and rival Samsung, which to this day has stuck with a single mono speaker on all of its phones. This setup system will be more likely maintained on the Galaxy S7 as well.

When it comes to design aesthetics, Apple has a name in the market to make its devices as appealing, practical and symmetrical as possible. This move, if true, does add on to the fact.

As for the rest of the rumors, the iPhone 7 is set to arrive with wireless charging, waterproofing and a bigger battery incorporated underneath the hood. Overall, due to the increase of space capacity around the body, we expect the smartphone to deliver a plethora of exciting new gimmicks.