It is obvious that the upcoming iPhone is always the most discussed smartphone during summer with rumors hitting the web every single day. The release date has not been confirmed yet though we can safely assume that the device will be unveiled during Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) big annual event in September.

In today’s rumor-mil, two renders have surfaced, created by famous concept designer Kiarash Kia, allegedly showcasing the next-gen iPhone.

Pink-iPhone-6S-Concept-2-468x1024 Pink-iPhone-6S-Concept-1

Based on the images, the company is planning to maintain the same design philosophy of the original iPhone 6. That was ostensibly expected since the company is still applying its two-year strategy in which it releases a significant upgrade every two years.

The handset that we are dealing with in the above pictures is 7.1 mm thick and weighs around 150 grams, with a glorious 5.2-inch IPS high-resolution display – could be 2K or 4K. Various publications suggest that we may see an reinforced type of glass that protects the handset from getting scratched – like Gorilla Glass in a variety of Android phones.

The model of the handset remains in question since its screen size is between the iPhone 6 4.7-inch display and the iPhone 6 Plus 5.5-inch screen. Rumors that Apple could be bringing only one phone this year are highly improbable due to the fact that the particular iPhone generation has broken numerous sales record during this season.

The bezels along with the rear camera and LED flash appear minimized in the concept images as well. The specific handset features an aluminum back which is a signature design cue of the iPhone 6. Color wise, the iPhone indeed looks quite pretty dressed in pink, though it is highly unlikely to see such a version  from the Cupertino giant, taken the fact that the iPhone line-up has generally been restricted to few color options since the first generation.

The report states that the designer have the 3D renders in the works and will be releasing them soon.