In a surprise development, Apple has hired back renowned security expert Jon Callas, as part of the company’s continued efforts to refresh its core security team. According to analysts, the plan is to tackle encryption on a larger scale.

Apple refused to provide any assistance to unlock an iPhone, which was reportedly used by the San Bernardino gunmen few months back. However, the FBI managed to unlock the device with assistance from a third-parry company.

There are rumors that iOS jailbreak tools are rampantly available on the web. We believe that Callas appointment is aimed to resolve the loopholes in the source code.

According to official sources, Apple is planning to rewrite the source code of iOS in such a way that no one can build jailbreak tools. In his role, Callas will serve as an advisor to the security team and will provide timely assistance in the company’s quest to create fool proof team.

Callas, meanwhile, also founded several security based communication companies such as PGP Corp, Silent Circle and Blackphone. There are unconfirmed reports that a senate committee is working on a legislation that will probably compel companies to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies upon request to bypass their own encryption.

However, Apple stated that the proposed legislation will make it products vulnerable to hacking. The iPhone manufacturer is working on to improve encryption in iCloud. As part of this program, Frederic Jacobs, the developer behind Signal, has been inducted as an intern and will work closely with Apple’s product team.

Previously, Callas worked with Apple during 1990s and re-joined the company in 2009. He continued till 2011, where he worked on Mac security.

We believe that with the induction of Callas, Apple will be able to create robust hardware and software products, which will provide ultimate security to people.