Finally, there is a sigh of relief for iCloud users as Apple rolled out an update featuring recovery of accidentally deleted files on iCloud.com. But the window of opportunity of recovery will not last forever; it is available for just 30 days.

One of the best features of any online cloud service is the ability to quickly rectify the mistake by allowing the recovery of the accidentally deleted files, contacts and calendars. While in some services, there is no online feature equivalent to a recycle bin or a trash can and the file is permanently gone or lost. On the other hand, in some services, users are given an option to retrieve the file; thus giving a chance to resurrect the file from digital dust.

Apple iCloud was based on the first description as it lacked the ability to restore files, contacts and calendars if they were lost. But, Apple has now built restoration features allowing restoration of the items that were deleted or lost.

The recovery feature in iCloud

The feature of recovery is only available on the Web version of iCloud. These recovery tools are not present in the iCloud settings app on iOS 8 or iCloud Drive app in the preview of iOS 9. To use these tools, a user has to first go to iCloud on Web and then log in to their respective account. By tapping on the Settings icon; a user will find Advanced Settings pane and there he will get the option to recover various kind of data.

A user can click on any of the three restoration options; Restore Files, Restore Contacts and Restore Calendar and Reminders. For files, restoring something back from the digital grave is as simple as selecting the respective files and clicking done. However, restoration feature won’t last forever; iCloud.com will hold the deleted files for about 30 days only.

For contacts and calendars, there is no option for piecemeal restoration. A user has to restore all the contacts from a backup of previous time point. iCloud takes the backup of the database from time to time. At the same time, while restoring calendars, invitations will be reshared with contacts.