Aparato's M.A.M.O.N. Latinos Vs. Donald Trump film explained
Aparato's M.A.M.O.N. a short film by Alejandro Damiani. Image from Twitter.

On October 30, the Uruguayan creative studio, Aparato, unveiled a short film called ‘MAMON‘ that parodies the terrible consequences of a Donald Trump presidency for Latino immigrants in the U.S. Wecanfxit is in charge of the film distribution.

‘M.A.M.O.N. (Monitor Against Latinos Over Nationwide)’ garnered more than 1.3 million views the first week.

Directed by Alejandro Damiani, it portrays a dystopic America that deports Mexican immigrants by throwing them like cannonballs over the infamous ‘wall’ that Republican candidate Donald Trump said he would build.

After Trump’s electoral victory and subsequent naming as President of the US, the short film is experiencing renewed relevance in the media for its surrealist depictions of life for immigrants under a Trump’s tenure.

M.A.M.O.N: Donald Trump Vs. Mexican immigrants

The story is full of characters that symbolize Mexican tradition and culture, including traits that make exclusive reference to Mexican immigrants living in the United States.

However, the purpose of the video is not to show how kind or honest Mexican immigrants are but rather how dangerous Donald Trump could be for them.

The ‘wall’ that appears in the video is one of Trump’s most controversial proposals during the campaign. It has often appeared in political conversation as nothing more than a joke, but the businessman’s intentions seem real. Aparato also portrayed how Trump would make Mexicans pay for the wall.

Aparato also portrayed how Trump would make Mexicans pay for the wall. However, the wall plan seems unrealistic.

Who directed the short film? 

Director Alejandro Damiani is from Uruguay and graduated as an industrial designer and post-producer. He is been working for Aparato since 2010. He received, along with other creatives, a VFX silver award in the Ciclope Festival for a Mexican Sears ad.

Damiani also penned the script for the video along with collaborators from Wecanfxit Santi Vecino, Juan Andrés Fontán, Javi Cruzado, and Enrique Codesido.

Alejandro Damiani, Aparato, MAMON.
Alejandro Damiani, Aparato, MAMON. Image credit: YouTube/TheUSBPort.

The video production took place in Árbol Cine Studios, Mexico City, in conjunction with Uruguayan post-production agencies Colour Studio and La Mayor Sound Services.

Wecanfxit, which acts as a sort of subsidiary studio for Aparato, has published many of the reactions received by their film on their official Facebook page.

They have given interviews to major news outlets like Telemundo and have received features from others like FXGuide and VICE Colombia.

Source: Wecanfxit