How to avoid misleading information on Google News
How to avoid misleading information on Google News. Image: LineshJose.

Google News is a platform that compiles the most relevant articles from different online outlets in one place. The news site is a good source of information if the user knows how to use it. Here, we list a few tips to avoid falling for fake news that sometimes make it to the website.

Google News is a computer-generated site that gives all publishers a chance to prove their skill as journalists.

The algorithms are constantly looking for headlines all over the world to show them in a “personalized” way to people.

Additionally, they take into account the location of the source, freshness of the content, and originality, among other things. However, according to Google, the site makes emphasis in how original and fresh the content is and how “real” it is.

Google News is well-known, and the competition among publishers is fierce. Ranking an article in the platform means a lot of views, so they will all try their best.

Google News basics.
Google News basics. Image: TheUSBport.

However, perfection is a myth, and sometimes they make mistakes. So, it is crucial to check the original source of the headline to avoid falling for misleading information.

Google News basics

The first thing any user will see at entering the news site is a list of what is trending now. Usually, the platform throws the result based on the location, but people can check any country’s news grill on the Edition Icon.

Right next to it, there is another icon which will control how they will see the stories. The options are Modern, Headlines, Compact, and Classic. If the internet connection is a problem, it is not a bad idea to try the Compact and the Headlines modes.

However, the Modern and Classic will show users which photos the publishers are using, and it simplifies finding a particular topic. In that regard, there are different categories people can choose from the left side of the web page including Tech, Health, and Sports among others.

On the right-top side, people can find the editor’s picks and Personalize Icon. The latter will study people’s internet usage patterns and throw a list of suggested headlines.

How to investigate the sources in Google News

Once users find a headline that interests them, they have many options to check the publisher’s credibility. If they are using the Modern mode, which we recommend, they will see a picture next to the ranking headline and maybe a couple more of them below.

They can also see a section called “Most Referenced,” and that article is usually the original source. However, that is not always the case, so people will have to read it and judge for themselves.

There is also the “Real Time Coverage” button which will take the reader to a wider list of publishers that are talking about the selected topic. Once there, they can see sections like Highly Cited, In Depth, and Trending.

How to investigate sources in Google News
How to investigate sources in Google News. Image: TheUSBport.

Be curious and skeptical

Google News has a series of measures to combat fake news on the platform, but it is impossible to fence off all of them. The problem is misleading information does not always come in obvious presentations.

Sometimes, well-known news outlets will fall for a shady source. Another issue is that many of these publishers are giving a personal biased opinion which is not wrong. However, some people take it as a fact and then the topic grows out of proportion.

Since people are eager for exclusive information, it became standard among online news outlets to write about rumors. It is entirely acceptable and exciting, but readers need to understand that most times they are not based on facts. There are famous sites and people, like Evan Blass, that have made a

There are famous blogs and people, like Evan Blass, that have made a name for leaking information ahead of the license owner, but most “rumor” articles are compilations of whatever anyone can find on the net. They are practical, but one must be skeptical about them.

In the end, it is up to the user. The Internet is full of false information. It always has, which is why people have to find the original source the headline so that they can understand the topic. Do not trust everything you see on the internet, doubt it all.

Source: Google News