Android developers believe software makers will follow Apple's steps and embrace front notches to feature cameras and sensors on their bezelless phones. Image: Pexels

These past few years have been marked by the constant dueling between iOS and Google Android users. Now, the first rumors of Android P have been heard shared, reporting that the main goal of Android P is to “improve the look of the software” while also copying the notch feature of the new iPhone X.

It may be strange, but the purpose of improving these aspects appeals to the many unhappy iPhone users that might want to switch over to the Google platform. Apple has announced that it will be holding back their main product on the back of their engines to fire sales or mere expectations next year since the main focal point will be the reliability and performance of iOS 12.

Android is not only focusing on software development, though. In fact, it is rumored that Android P will be focusing on a flashy hardware redesign in the form of Google’s next-gen Pixel smartphones, so as to stand out next to the redesigned iPhone this year.

Complete Android Redesign for the next generation

Compared to iOS, Android’s software tends to vary a lot among versions and devices, while Apple repeatedly “borrows” features during these ongoing feuds. Rumors have confirmed that Google has been working on updating and reinventing operating systems in order to better integrate front camera notches similar to the one found on the iPhone X.

Embracing the notch like the iPhone will be a move for Android phones to move up to the higher-end of the market. It will also imply that new Android smartphones will have cutouts at the top of their screens to fit cameras and face sensors during calls. However, there is a high speculation on Android phones getting closer and closer to the iPhone, and mot precisely in a good way.

It is highly expected that the new Android P will integrate with Google Assistant more intricately in order to improve the OS’ new designs system functions like foldable displays, multiple screens and improve battery life. It is expected to see some changes on the classical home button bar since it is noted that Android seeks to refresh their systems.

It seems that Google expects the iPhone X to catch up more broadly, and based on the rumors and confirmed features, it is safe to say that this model has set an industry standard in spite of what reports of its impending discontinuation might suggest.

Source: Bloomberg