Free App of the Week makes Android users happy in the U.S. Image: Phandroid.

Google is testing a new feature for Android on Google Play. The Free App of the Week section will be available in the U.S. for four weeks, each week presenting users with a different option at random.

The company is trying this new approach to lure people into using Google Play. The center for mobile devices and Chromebook computers is constantly under development, but late refreshments have not been as impactful as previous ones.

Android applications are always a hot market, and a free one every week is a great incentive for users and developers to check out what’s new more regularly on their smart devices.

How does it work?

If implemented, the Free App of the Week section would be pretty straightforward. Google would partner up with both big and small developers to offer one paid program as a free download for a week.

For instance, Google and Cartoon Network are letting users download Card Wars – Adventure Time for free when it regularly costs $3.99. The promotion started on March 23 and it will run until this Tuesday, March 30.

For the time being, this feature is only visible and accessible to American Google Play users. Internally, the company is managing the project as a pilot program with an uncertain future.

Also uncertain is the fact that, if successful, the feature sees a more widespread adoption beyond the United States. Obvious picks to receive such a giving section would be app markets in Europe and Australia.

The new section would grant greater visibility to otherwise unknown developers or pump up the interest for big industry names with either popular or relatively obscure applications being offered for free.

What about the Editor’s Choice?

Android fans seem rather enthusiastic about the possibility of Free App of the Week becoming a thing on Google Play. The digital store is sometimes overwhelming to navigate, with several options and categories from where to choose.

Perhaps the most similar section currently available on Google Play is the Editor’s Choice compilation. This list gathers the most interesting, fun, useful, and valuable apps in the eyes of Play editors, who also recognize them with a star on their home page.

The issue with this feature is that it is not updated very regularly, showing the same options most of the time with little changes. The week offer would bring 52 new options for a limited time and the potential to attract a great user influx.

Source: Android Police