Image: TechCrunch.

On Wednesday, Amazon introduced the new Echo Look. It is the same smart hub powered by Alexa, except it comes equipped with a new camera and outfit suggestion service called “Style Check”. It costs $200, and it is currently invite-only.

The company unveiled the product with a video posted on its official YouTube channel. “Alexa, take a photo” is the command for the styling assistant to snap a full-body selfie, but it can also make videos and share both on social media via the Echo app.

While some are praising Amazon for its marketing strategy and wondering what the next variation is in the Echo assistant catalog, others have expressed concerns over their privacy. The idea of an always-on camera does not sit well with many consumers.

What are the new features of the Amazon Echo Look?

Amazon has redesigned the Echo this time around, departing from the traditional black cylinder toward a white device in the shape of a pill. It has an adjustable stand to place on tables or mount on walls, plus a power cord that plugs in the back.

The front of the device has a black plate with the logo of the company on the top and the camera below. There are four LED lights around the lens, which help with low-light settings. There is a button on the side of the Echo Look to turn off the camera.

“Alexa, take a photo” or “Alexa, take a video” will prompt the digital assistant to snap a picture or record until you tell it to stop. A light ring around the lens will turn blue when you issue commands to the Echo Look, just like in the original device.

All the shots you take with Amazon’s Echo Look will go straight to the app, in which you can access a new feature called Style Check. This service uses machine learning and expertise from fashion professionals to choose the best outfit between two options.

Users can save their favorite looks and carry around a digital library of their best wardrobe combinations. These photos and videos are easily shareable on social media through the Echo app.

People who feel the new Echo Look caters to their needs more than the original smart hub can request an invite from Amazon to opt for the chance to buy one. If selected and approved, the device will cost you $200.

Amazon has yet to disclose when the Echo Look will be fully available. Some speculate this is just a novelty edition of the digital assistant, but some others say it might be the first of many different device variations that will add more features.

Source: Amazon