The Black Friday 2015 hype is much known, as new deals pop up every minutes that passes, so it is only logical that this is the best time of the year for consumers to purchase their favorite tech toys, while staying under budget.

Black Friday’s reputation has been boosted mainly due to the jaw-dropping sales we see on smartphones and tablets, both of which have conquered the consumer electronics market over the last five years.

Though besides the aforementioned there is a plethora of other types of consumer tech that also undergoes substantial price cuts, including video gaming consoles, TVs and cameras. The deal recap that you are reading is referring to the latter category, as the Seattle-based online retailing giant, Amazon, offers the Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital camera for just $697, dropping from the former whopping $1,150 premium.

Hence, if you were looking forward buying a top-notch quality digital camera, now is your chance,

The said sale includes a 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens too, essentially making the deal double the charm.

As far as specs go, the Sony Alpha a6000 boasts 24MP APS-C sensor, full HD video recording, as well as WiFi and NFC for instant photo and video sharing via your smartphone or tablet.

Moreover, Sony has been touting that the a6000 flaunts the fastest auto-focus system currently in the market, dubbed as focus6, with a 0.06-second speed.

The gadget is half the size and weight of a DSLR – though its original price is equal to a DSLR – while delivering equivalent performance on the table.

When it comes to Amazon’s services, the retailer offers free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime users and a four-year drops spills protection for an additional $68.99.

At the time of writing, only ten units are left in stock, so have no second thoughts as time is running out. Let us know if you picked one up in the comments below.