The Amazon logo is seen on a podium during a press conference in New York, September 28, 2011. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos introduced a line of four new Kindle products, the Kindle Fire tablet, the Kindle Touch 3G, the Kindle Touch and a new lighter and smaller Kindle. AFP PHOTO/Emmanuel Dunand (Photo credit should read EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is the biggest online website for shopping and now it has introduced ‘Machine learning‘ to induce a new review process.

The ‘Machine Learning’ will help customers to see the newer and higher rated reviews of the products on the top pages. This way, the reviews will be more helpful for the users.

Amazon spokeswoman Julie Law commented on the new feature:

“It’s all meant to make customer reviews more useful so people see things and know it reflects the current product experience.”

Now, Amazon will give more weightage to the new reviews that are helpful to the other shoppers. All in all, more importance will be given to the reviews which were written from verified Amazon purchasers and which have received more votes from the customers. This new system will also help in removing the fake comments and helping customers to review the true and honest updates about any product.

Before this platform was introduced, a five-star rating was considered as an average of all reviews. However, with this tool, rating priority will depend on certain factors. A product’s zero to five star rating will give us a more meaningful average of all reviews. This new system will also keep an eye on products which are updated by the company so that they are more often noticed by the shoppers. If any complaints are made regarding the product by the company itself, then this tool will update that as well.

The aim of Amazon’s platform is to keep the users on the loop with the most relevant and helpful reviews by the verified purchasers. It will turn the star rating into a more prominent way.

Currently, Amazon’s new system has been solely introduced to the United States. It is not yet known when this new platform will be rolled out to other countries. With the new system, Law said, these small modifications should become more noticeable when shoppers are buying products.