#AllTypesAllSwipes, Tinder introduces transgender customization to its social network. Image: Mirror.

Dating app Tinder launched the #AllTypesAllSwipes campaign across the globe to support the LGBT and GNC (Gender Non-Conforming) communities. The project started with an update that will include more gender identities on the network.

The update launched on Android and IOS on November 15. It brings a new system that enables users to choose from a range of new gender options, rather than just girl or boy. Those options include trans, trans man, trans woman, two-spirit and pangender.

Members of the dating app can change to any gender in the profile configuration menu, while newcomers can enjoy the roster of new options as well.

How to choose a different gender on Tinder? 

If users want to edit or add more information about their sex on Tinder, they can go to the profile menu, tap “I Am” and then press “More.”

The app will display the list of new options, but the users could type the word that better describes their gender as well.

All users have the choice to show or hide their gender on their profile, as well as customizing their searching and visibility preferences.

Tinder introduces transgender options. Image Tinder.
Tinder introduces transgender options. Image Tinder.

The update and the campaign are Tinder’s response to concerning reports about how the company was removing users because of their gender.

Tinder assures it wants to become a “better ally” to gender non-conforming communities by allocating additional resources to the company’s support team. Tinder will educate its whole customer service staff to give LGBT communities excellent service.

The organization even hired trans to advocate Andrea James and transgender consultants Nick Adams and Alex Schmider from GLAAD’s Transgender Program. GLADD is UK’s single agency that unites and represents LGBT doctors and dentist from across the country.

Was Tinder banning transgender accounts?

Tinder-reported account-picture
Tinder will temporarily suspend your account if you get reported by many users regardless the reason. Image: Huffington Post UK.

The GNC community explains how non-traditional gender users on Tinder have felt abused on the network. As there is still a stigma on sexual identity, many customers are reporting people just because they are trans.

If a user receives many reports in a short period, the system will automatically suspend the account until the staff can check out the problem.

“Starting today, no matter how you identify, you can express your authentic self on Tinder,” reads a statement made by the company.

Tinder team found out the dating app was kicking people out because of their sexual identities. The team choose to play a more straightforward and open approach, rather than forcing people to identify themselves with something they are not.

The company will continue to add more gender options outside of the binary system. Their goal is to accommodate the app for any user, even if it means creating custom sexual identities.

Source: Tinder