Alexander Kueng, Minneapolis Police Officer Charged with George Floyd’s Death Released On $750k Bail

One of the four Minneapolis police officers charged with the death of African American George Floyd has been released on bail. J. Alexander Kueng was released from the Hennepin County Jail after posting a bond of $750,000 at 7:17 pm on Friday evening. Another of the former police officers, Thomas Lane, had earlier been released on June 10 after posting a $750,000 bond.

The four ex-cops are – J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and Derek Chauvin. The four officers responded to a call at Cup Foods where it was reported that Floyd allegedly used a fake $20 bill. The team arrested and fatally restrained Floyd to the ground, with Derek Chauvin kneeling down on his neck for close to nine minutes until Floyd lost consciousness.

Before passing out, Floyd begged Chauvin who was kneeling on his neck that he couldn’t breathe, but the former police officer would not let up until Floyd lost consciousness and was later pronounced dead in hospital. The video of the incident was captured by a bystander and the situation sparked nationwide protest and global agitation.

The four officers were promptly fired and Chauvin charged with second- and third-degree murder, as well as third-degree manslaughter. The trio of Lane, Kueng, and Thao was charged with second-degree manslaughter, and aiding and abetting second-degree unintentional murder. Chauvin’s bail was initially set at $1 million but later upgraded to $1.25 million, but it could be reduced to $1 million again if he would agree to certain conditions.

The other three’s bail was also put at $1 million each but it would be reduced to $750,000 if they would agree to some conditions. The conditions included that the former officers would never work in law enforcement or security again, not go near the Floyd family, not go outside Minnesota until after their court sentencing, surrender all guns and other permits, as well as have their release monitored for compliance.

With Kueng and Lane posting bail and subsequently released from jail, Thao and Chauvin remain in police custody until they post bond. The four former policemen must appear in on June 29.