Instagram Recommended Posts
Image Credit: Newsweek

One of the Instagram tools that could magically earn you more followers is the Recommended Posts feature. Basically, it could show your posts to people who are not following you, and you can get Instagram followers in return. Doesn’t it sound like a great deal?

This feature is one of the biggest Instagram changes ever since the introduction of the algorithmic feed or ad introduction. So, people will not only see posts from people they follow but will have certain posts recommended to them as well.

So, how can you take advantage of this feature? Here are some tips.

Find Out Your Target Audience

When founding a business account, one of the key things you need to consider is finding your target market. Basically, you can easily research your ideal clients. You can even check people’s following to see what they like to engage with.

However, it can be hard to find the right users to follow. Still, Instagram ensured the suggested feature works on everyone, not just businesses. This means that you can research your customers. When you find someone that fits your target market, it’s easy to click on the suggested tab and find more similar users.

So, the feature makes it easier for you to create a marketing strategy and attract the audience that you are looking for.

Research Your Partners and Competitors

One of Instagram’s Recommended Posts’ benefits is the fact that it helps you discover who the platform thinks your competition is. By logging in from another account, you can check your business’ profile. From there, click the right-hand corner arrow so you can see the accounts similar to yours.

It’s amazing, as you don’t have to struggle too much to find your competitors, and it may even be possible to discover businesses you had no idea about. Therefore, you can now “stalk” your competition and see what they do for Instagram’s success.

Moreover, you can find potential business partners, considering that you can find similar clients. However, keep in mind that Instagram only shows you the accounts you are not following. If you’re following your competition, it will not show up in the suggested list.

Find Proper Influencers

By finding the right influencers and becoming partners, you can get more exposure for your own business. Still, it’s not easy to find them by just browsing through millions of profiles.

This is where the recommended feature comes in handy. You can simply look for suggested accounts and easily find influencers. It is not different from looking for competitors. You could also look at an influencer’s profile and find even more similar accounts to partner with.

It’s a blessing if you want to find influencers that have a similar style to you.

Final Thoughts

Instagram’s Recommended feature makes it easier for you to promote your business and get even more followers. It’s easier to find potential customers and even research your competitors and find potential influencers to work with. So, make sure you use this tool wisely or you can also buy Instagram followers.