CERN, Cern murder video, Human Sacrifice
The Nataraja depicts the Indu God Shiva performing his divine dance called Tandavam. Image credit: Project Avalon.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, best known as CERN for its name in French, is a European research organization that operates the Large Hadron Collider in the world. Apparently, it also hosts an occultist sect.

CERN launched an investigation of a video filmed at night on its Geneva campus portraying a human sacrifice. The organization claims the video is a fake and that the ritual was simply the work of scientists with an inappropriate sense of humor.

The video, which has gone viral since it hit the net, shows several individuals in black cloaks gathering in front of a Shiva statue re-enacting an occult ceremony. Next, the group proceeds to stab a woman to death without knowing they are being filmed by a secret viewer watching from a window above.

The statue of the Hindu deity is located in the central square at the European top physics lab, which is home to the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs boson research laboratory, referred to as the God Particle.

CERN labeled the video as a tasteless prank

A CERN spokeswoman sent an e-mail to France-Presse confirming the video was shot in the premises of the facility. However, she added the organization knew nothing about it, and that the individuals had no authorization to film a movie around the laboratory.

She said CERN did not excuse nor approve this kind of behavior, and that it could lead people to disregard the scientific work being carried out. The video, which she labeled as a prank, has certainly inspired conspiracy and end-of-world theories.

The CERN representative stated an investigation was under way but that it was an internal matter and would not disclose any further finding, including the possible identity of those responsible for the video.

The police are not investigating the “murder at CERN”

The tape has raised concerns about security on the Geneva campus. The spokeswoman detailed the security procedures regarding access to the compound and discarded any security breaches. She said security checks personnel’s IDs every time they enter the lab regardless the time. She is completely sure the ‘actors’ had access badges.

She noted CERN welcomes thousands of scientists every year, and some of them are just too fond of this kind of jokes. That’s her explanation, but one that doesn’t help CERN’s reputation. It also fuels the eternal association between science and the occult.

Meanwhile, Geneva police told AFP were aware of the video but were not involved in the investigation in any way, preliminary or criminal. They confirmed they had contact with CERN, though. 

Titled “Murder at CERN…”, The video first appeared on YouTube and Facebook by Stranger Than Fiction News channel on August 11. 

Source: The Guardian