6 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Data Analytics

As a growing number of companies recognize the immense value of data to gain insights and make the right decisions, demand for specialists in the field has exploded. A recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers estimated that there will be a whopping 2.7 million data analytics and science job postings in the U.S. by 2020.

Businesses need the help of professionals who can uncover patterns, identify opportunities, and provide insights that improve decision-making to gain an edge over the competition. If you have an eye for numbers, it’s worth taking a look at some reasons as to why you should pursue a career in what is being hailed as “the sexiest job of the 21st century.

Soaring Demand

As you might have already guessed, data science is one of the most in-demand jobs out there. It’s the fastest-growing job in demand on LinkedIn and is considered the most desirable expertise by 75% of IoT organizations. By 2026, there will be more than 11 million positions in the field. It’s safe to say that job security will never be a concern for data scientists. Even remote jobs in DC, California, and Dallas are expected to increase as years go by.

Study Opportunities

Since we’re in the digital age, it should come as no surprise that you no longer have to go through the ordeal of spending years at college to obtain a certificate in data analytics. Through online universities, you can now obtain a business analytics certification in as little as 24 weeks. You’ll even earn credits towards a master’s degree if you choose to pursue one.

Great Salary

Perhaps even less surprising is the fact that data scientists are paid well for their expertise. According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for a data scientist is $117,345 per year. The average salary for data scientists working at Google and Facebook is in the $140,000 range. On the higher end, you can expect to make upwards of $150,000.

Industry Versatility

Working as a data scientist doesn’t limit you to the likes of Apple, Microsoft and other companies in Silicon Valley industries. Your expertise is desired by many sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, media, education and more. You’ll have the opportunity to choose an industry that matches your interests and skills.

Career Prestige

If you asked someone a few years ago to write a list of prestigious careers, it would probably include the likes of doctors, surgeons, and lecturers. Today, data scientists are included in that list.

Businesses hold their expertise in high regard and the statistics uncovered by data scientists serve as valuable information to society as a whole. Just think about how powerful the statistics in the post are!

Meaningful Impact on Society

Data scientists don’t just inform society. In fact, their impact is much more significant. Their work aids in the improvement of customer experiences online and on countless forms of digital media. In the healthcare sector, their efforts have led to life-saving discoveries, such as being able to detect early-stage tumors through machine learning.


These reasons make it clear that data analytics is an excellent career choice. If it’s something you find interesting, there’s no better time to start pursuing it than right now.