Truck Washing & Maintenance

Vehicles are more than just a mode of transportation these days. They are important, we rely on them for everyday activities and even special occasions. They are a part of us and we should aim to take the best care of them. Many obstacles and harm will cross paths with your truck. With preparation and planning, your truck will be protected from harm and potential damage and will last you a lifetime.

Install a Bed Liner

The bed of a truck is handy. Whether you’re picking up lumber for the weekend renovation, helping your best friend move or just bringing home the groceries, one thing is for sure: your truck takes a beating. Help protect and maintain your truck from potential damage with a bed liner.

There are several different types of bed liners. Some types are a hard plastic that slides over your current bed. A few of these types can be custom fit for a very snug fit, others are a more generic fit. The other option is a roll or sprays on the type of liner such as Raptor Bed Liner. These liners are great because they are easy to get home from the store (a few cans or boxes), and it’s a simple afternoon project to apply to your truck bed with long-lasting results.

Wash It

A simple but extremely effective maintenance technique for your truck is to wash it and wash it often. A good guideline is to wash your truck at least every 10 days. By doing so it will keep contaminants from eating through the clear coat, and paint and eventually getting to the bare metal. Also, be sure to wipe down the door jams, especially if you are in an area that uses a lot of rock salt in the winter or if you live or work in an area that has a lot of gravel roads. By washing regularly you are protecting your entire truck’s frame and body from rusting.

Maintain the Lube Points

Get underneath your truck or hire someone else to. Lube all the moving parts of your truck by using a high-quality grease on the steering, suspension, and drivetrain. By doing this one maintenance item, you will prevent premature wear or breakdown of parts. A lubed truck is a well-maintained one.

Oil Changes

Often overlooked, postponed, and under-rated, the regular oil change plays a vital role in the health and performance of your truck. Oil does break down and when it does your engine is more susceptible to engine friction, unnecessary wear, and sometimes engine failure. It’s affordable and a quick process, so check with your manufacturer for intervals and oil type for best results.

Tire Inflation

Tires that are underinflated will have a negative effect on your fuel efficiency. Be wary of the opposite. An overinflated tire is just as risky. When a tire has too much air it is prone to blowouts and early tread wear.

Interior Protection

Don’t overlook the importance of maintaining your truck interior. The dash is constantly subjected to the sun’s rays. Regularly wipe down the interior, including the dash and steering wheel with an interior protector with a UV protector in it. This will keep your dash from cracking or becoming brittle. While you’re at it, vacuum out the inside, too, to prevent your carpet from being ruined.

A few simple maintenance steps will benefit your truck and protect it for years to come. Simple maintenance such as washing it, changing the oil and keeping it lubed will ensure that it continues to run and run well, serving you for time to come. A truck is a valuable asset and by maintaining it you will enjoy it for many years.