5 Things you can do with an old garage

When you are viewing homes, a good-sized garage can be a big selling point. Unfortunately, many garages simply end up housing clutter rather than cars. If your garage is full of junk, then cleaning it out gives you a whole lot of extra space. Here are some things you can do with your newly discovered room:

1. Turn it into a playroom or teen hangout

Kids always under your feet? A garage conversion is an ideal way to give them their own space. Remodeling your garage is inexpensive, and it’s usually a large, open space, which makes it easy to turn into a playroom or place for teens to hang out with friends. Add a TV, some sofas, lots of cushions and toys, and your old garage can look cozy and colorful.

2. Create a home office

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, then having your own home office or studio can help you focus and be more productive. Working from home is great, but can make it hard to keep an even work/life balance. Turning your garage into an office means you can feel like your home is separate from work, and you can literally close the door on work when you’re finished for the day.

3. Build your own gym

It’s hard to get enough time to work out, and with the average gym membership costing $58 a month, it can be expensive, too. However, your garage is an excellent space to work out, whether you buy some secondhand machines or just have mats for yoga or cardio. You can clear space by using garage shelving to reduce clutter, and even add a TV or speakers so you can watch a show or blast some music to keep you motivated.

4. Extend your home and go open plan

If your garage is attached to your home, it may be possible to use it as an extension, and if a wall can be removed, then you can add some open-plan space to use as an extended kitchen, dining room or living space. This can be a less expensive project than building an extension, although you may need to insulate the roof and walls to ensure your new space keeps a comfortable temperature.

5. Keep your car in there

Garages are often used for storage nowadays, with many people unable to even fit their car in the space. However, keeping a car in a garage can shield it from the elements, not only protecting the paintwork but also helping it to run better. Enjoy working on your car? Turn your garage into a workshop. Adding a few places to store your tools can make it easier to do those little projects, keeping your tools and supplies handy when you need them.

Many people fill their garages with boxes and any items that they no longer need around the home, but if you’re short on space then it’s worth having a garage sale to clear it out, then consider converting it into a room that you’ll find useful.