Summer gadgets
Image: Digital Care Solutions.

Summer is just around the corner already, and people are preparing for a well-deserved break. Be it just a few days, a week, or more than a month, most people can’t go without their gadgets for too long. Technology has become an essential part of our daily lives.

Regardless of the season, devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops have become more and more popular to satisfy the demands of an increasingly mobile world. The battery pack market has also grown as a consequence of needing charged-up devices most of the time.

Vacationists tend to look for the sun during the summer to make the most out of their holidays, but no matter where you go, here are five of the coolest and most useful gadgets you can carry with you.

Coolest Cooler – Price: $399.99

If you plan on going to the beach, to the lake, or just making a barbecue with some friends on a hot summer day, the Coolest Cooler is, indeed, the coolest. This high-tech portable cooler is $50 off for the season, and it comes in four different colors.

What matters here, though, is not the style but functionality. The Coolest has a lot, including a built-in blender, USB port for charging other gadgets, a Bluetooth speaker, a cutting board, a ceramic knife, a corkscrew, a bottle and wine opener, and even a set of plates that can also be used as Frisbees.

Polaroid Snap Touch – Price: $195.99

When you are on vacation is an ideal time to create memories, and if you want to capture and keep them forever as well, the Polaroid Snap Touch lets you do just that.

The new instant digital camera by Polaroid brings the same attractive design as the standard Snap, and it adds a 3.5 touch display. It has a selfie mirror and a built-in printer that lets you get your photos right away, even with the brand’s signature white frame.

UE Wonderboom – Price: $99.99

Ultimate Ears has enjoyed great success from its wireless speaker lineup, and the latest member of the family is no less charming. The Wonderboom speaker is perfect to carry on the go, and it delivers up to 10 hours of music playback with super sound and bass quality.

Moreover, the Wonderboom comes in fun colors, and it is super easy to control. It plays music via Bluetooth pairing with your device; it has a string for you to carry it everywhere and, most important of all for summer breakers, it is waterproof.

DJI Spark – Price: $499.99

Just in time for the summer season, DJI recently announced the new Spark drone. The Spark is extremely lightweight and portable, and it has a cool feature that lets pilots control it with hand gestures.

Other than that, the Spark is a hot summer item because of its comparably affordable sub-$500 price tag. Drones are typically above that cost bracket and the latest from DJI sure looks like a great option for aerial photography aficionados, families, and young people who want to take pics and videos from above.

Kindle Paperwhite – Price: $119.99

The last and one of the least expensive gadgets of this list is also the one you could potentially get the most out of. Amazon’s Kindle is the undisputed king of e-readers, and the Paperwhite has proved to be the best-selling device of the lineup.

Its 300 ppi matte screen adjusts brightness for both day and nighttime reading, which comes in handy if you are at the beach or outdoors. Battery life lasts weeks, and it can store thousands of books so you can travel to thousands of places even if you decide to stay home.

Source: CNN