Today’s world would be inconceivable without the technological advancements of the last 30 years. The world’s leading tech companies assemble the brightest minds around the globe to work in tomorrow’s next big thing.

However, for every other engineer or physicist working at a tech powerhouse, there are also countless professionals with great ideas and no means to develop them. For them, the arrival of crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo has been truly life-changing, as they provide a window for the world to see and help them turn their dreams into a reality.

Below, a list of five trending tech projects in crowdsourcing sites that have the potential to improve or change our lives.

1. Dot (Funded – Starting at $20 per Dot)

Dot, dubbed by its development team as ‘The Physical Push Notification’ is pretty much that. A small button-like device powered by a single battery and sporting only a LED light capable of shining in different colors.

Dot is a practical gadget that syncs with an app and triggers light notifications or reactions in nearby mobile devices. Multiple Dots can be used to set reminders, leave messages, launch apps, and more.

2. BioRing (Funded – Starting at $219)

The ultimate wearable technology in fitness tracking, BioRing is a ring that puts a personal trainer around your finger. BioRing stands higher among the crowd for its seamless integration, minimalistic design, and truly in-depth health tracking features.

Whereas the most popular wearable devices track only calories burned, distances covered, and steps while walking. BioRing tracks all of those and also calorie intake, protein intake, fat intake and consumption, heart rate, sleep level, stress level, water level, and activity intensity.

3. MATE eBike (Funded – Starting at $599 + shipping)

MATE is an electric, foldable bike designed to fit all sizes and sell for a competitive price in the eBike market. Straight from Copenhagen, Denmark, “the world’s cycling capital”, the creators of MATE claim to use the highest quality components to offer a truly versatile cycling experience.

The MATE bike comes in three different model variations: the MATE City, the City+, and the S. The bicycles differ in battery life and motor power. In turn, this influences the range and weight of the bike. All three models are available in four different colors and support adjustable seat and handle height.

4. Omnicharge (Funded – Starting at $109)

Omnicharge is the ultimate power bank for all potential charging needs. The main feature of the Omincharge is its simplicity and accuracy, as it only sports three outlets: one AC/DC power outlet and two USB 3.0 fast-charging ports for electronics.

Also, the Omnicharge packs an OLED screen to display current charging information, devices, and more. Since it significantly surpassed its goal, the Omnicharge Pro is now available with optional wireless charging, USB type C ports, and EU socket type C support.

5. Hallam New York Smart Jacket (Funded – Starting at $179)

The Smart Jacket designed by Hallam New York is similar to many previous smart clothing articles but stands out for its impressive range of customizable functionalities.

Loaded with inner wiring and built-in components, the Smart Jacket supports over 40 functions and comes in 5 different styles ideal for everyone from casual smartphone users to fitness enthusiasts. Charge devices, auto-play music, receive push notifications and look sleek with the Smart Jacket by Hallam New York.

Sources: Kickstarter & Indiegogo